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Some manga stories are short, others are long. Some update all the time, and some have limited runs. And then there’s Hunter x Hunter. Created by Yu Yu Hakusho’s Yoshihiro Togashi, it’s one of the most successful manga of the last 20 years, but its fans often have to play the waiting game. As in…years of waiting. Hunter x Hunter hasn’t had a new chapter since 2018.

..Yoshihiro Togashi has created a Twitter account – and announces 4 new chapters for HUNTER X HUNTER
The last chapter came out in 2018
— Nibel (@Nibellion) May 24, 2022

But the drought may be coming to an end, if only momentarily. Togashi posted on Twitter for the first time yesterday, an account he made just to show off a page still in the process of completion, teased with the words “4 more episodes for the time being” in Japanese.
Hunter x Hunter has been adapted...

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I believe Yoshihiro Togashi took a break from writing Hunter X Hunter because of his health issues. I hope his well being keeps on improving so he can write again. I would like the Manga to finally get finished so the Anime can be finished as well. The fans should also not be hard on him.


I'm thrilled for these to come out; I'm sure they'll take a while, but it's better than believing we'd never get them in the first place. Togashi's recent announcement of the comeback of his manga is proof of his excellent health, which makes me glad! I want him to be happy again because he is deserving of it.


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I'm hoping for more than four chapters. I honestly did not believe Hunter X Hunter would return for even one chapter, and neither did most others, but we were proven wrong! We didn't think we'd get anything new, but here we are! I genuinely want to stay positive and hope that the story will end, but I'm unsure.


Yes, this is terrific news!! :cool:🤩
The succession arc is probably one of my favorites...I'm looking forward to seeing what Togashi has in store for us. I wouldn't mind if all he offers us is crumbs! I'm just glad he hasn't forgotten about this series.


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The Dark Continent arc has the greatest potential of any manga arc I've ever seen. The scope, the riddles, the one-of-a-kind chances to be strange, challenging, and subversive. We'll never get more than breadcrumbs out of that, but I'm hungry and eager to devour those fragments.


Some fans didn't know writers are humans too, They are not machines that make stories in seconds. Yes he writes in slower pace now but that is what his health lets him.I felt burn out before so I can relate with him.