Forged in Fog, The 26th chapter of Dead By Daylight

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Ian Burton

Awkward Correspondent
Forged in Fog is the 26th chapter of Dead by Daylight.
Dead By Daylight is back with its 26th chapter after a successful crossover licensed chapter, Project W. Fans thought it would be another licensed item, but it’s actually an original.. Fans didn’t trust the reports that the next original killer would be a Knight when they first surfaced months ago. Though one of the disclosures is inaccurate, The survivor is actually an older man and he use to be the employer of the killer, despite the fact that rumors states it is a medieval woman. I like the idea of a Survivor from the ancient times even if they will look silly fixing a generator. We keep having  Killers from ancient times but the Survivor always been someone from an era where generators exist.
Forged in Fog

The trailer shows a new survivor named Vittorio. He was cleaning a skull totem when he got ambushed by the new killer, The...

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New Member
This is far cooler than I anticipated. We need older characters, and the survivor is an older man from the 1300s; hopefully, this chapter will be excellent. The knight seems ill! It will be horrifying if the game include the sound of metal armor clanging on the ground with each stride.

Whale Mutant Kun

Protector of the Ocean
Hello Behavior
You surpass yourself with each new chapter you produce. These trailers are becoming increasingly better, and everybody worked so hard on them! I appreciate you trying something new and different.

Love Whale Mutant Kun
I can't wait to start this new chapter! I'm particularly intrigued by what the Knights' new set of skills might be because Vittorio looks so cool and it's cool that he's from the past. The Knight appears to be both a fun and dangerous opponent. His ability to create those minions allows him to leave one behind while returning to the original location. sort of a twin thing The mori also has a nice appearance.


This was intriguing, and I'm eager to see the murderer and the survivor. Additionally, a new map would be wonderful. Wow, that is really cool-looking. I'm really excited about this chapter now that I've seen it. I appreciate how you're raising the bar for character design.


Queen of Selfcare
People on Reddit need more Papa Jesus in their lives. They are getting horny in Vittorio. He is an old man but the is somehow very attractive. No Wonder fans with male preference are calling him daddy.:D

Yellow Grass Prod.

Turbo power! Ha!
The Night could be what they originally planned Legion is going to be. They finally have something similar to it once Behavior got more funding.I'm interested if the other minion-type characters' skills will be incorporated into his, or if he'll be a customisable character like in the legion.

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