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FOR YOU is Samantha Burton’s latest directing effort, bringing into the screen a new short set in the MMA cinematic niche universe, following the story of a couple with financial issues. Sophia is terminally ill and needs surgery which leads Jenna to get back into the octagon to fight for money. Having in her bleeding knuckles, the only chance of mending her broken heart saving the one she loves.
Written by Zachary Tuttle, the trailer looks forward a story of wounded love that could only be saved through a big sacrifice, following the trend of mixing MMA action with human drama, promising an exciting tale of blood and tears.
The cast includes Raksha Bethencourt, Christina Liu, Mischa Bubnash, Zachary Vazquez, Sierra Faris and Marival Parish.
FOR YOU will screen at the Oif Arise Challenge May 21...

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I don't usually watch movies with women inside the ring hurting one another. But this movie pique my interest because of the unique approach of incorporating a love story into the world of ring fighting. Can't wait to see this movie.


What does the Fox say?
You wrote a good review but to be honest, the love story doesn't interest me. I only watch MMA dramas for the fight scenes. I don't care about the story line. Just show me the bruises. LOL.


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I am a fan of Women's MMA from the time of Ronda Rousey to the time the era of Amanda Nunes and up to now. These women are underappreciated compared to their male compatriots. I am happy there is a movie that represents these women now.


I love that they cast a woman who looks like a regular lady instead of a Hollywood Barbie Bombshell.