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You dont have to get out songs, you have to play it with a player that reads .flac extensions [not iTunes]. Or you burn it on a CD and you'll found yourself with a virtually identical copy of the CD itself. IIRC .flac files are virtually the same quality of CDs.

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What he said. :)

I personally like WinAmp for playing FLAC files. Now if you're wanting the individual songs, or if you specifically wanted MP3 versions of them, you can just burn the FLAC as a regular CD, then re-rip the songs in MP3 format.


You could do that...but that kind of defeats the purpose of FLAC which is to have lossless quality and it doesn't take up as much space as a WAV. I personally recommend foobar2000 for a media player, it can play every type I throw at it without problems, and convert if I want to (like for my Walkman).

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