Five Tips For Beginner Avorion Space Pilots

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Jun 20, 2012
Boxelware’s space sandbox game Avorion is speeding along toward its destination — total completion, which it expects to reach next spring. A beta version of the game has been available on Steam Early Access since July of 2017.
In Avorion, you build your own spaceship (you can spend as much time as you want on it, from a simple two-minute design to an elaborate work of art taking weeks). Then you pilot your ship around a universe of procedurally generated galaxies, mine resources, build space stations, and wage war with hostile aliens (who could also be your friends — the game has an online mode).
Boxelware has a timetable pegged of Spring 2020 for the finalized version of Avorion, but the Early Access version is available now for PC, Mac and Linux. If you’re thinking of getting into it, experienced player TenguKnight has five tips for beginners, which he shared with the rest of us...

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