First US Screening of Takashi Yamazaki's SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO


"Shocker Gundan, Banzai!"
Yesterday, November 6th, I attended the American Film Market screening of SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO at the Criterion Theater in Santa Monica! As a long-time, hardcore YAMATO fan, I was extremely happy with the movie, which was subtitled in English. In a word, SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO is spectacular! Takashi Yamazaki takes the original story into amazing new directions, and marries it with the best elements of the previous entries. But, if I went into detail, I would spoil too many surprises. Yamazaki does for YAMATO what J.J. Abrams did for STAR TREK!


Well, it seems to be VERY GOOD.
Fans ouside of Japan will need to wait for the DVD release, which might come with subtitles.


Raxbait: Hip
..there any other screenings in the US?

And thats good to hear. Guess we may get subs for the DVD afterall.


"Shocker Gundan, Banzai!"
This was screened at the American Film Market, which is only open to film industry people — the event is to screen films for prospective buyers. This screening was hosting by TBS Films, with Sedic International, who are handling the overseas sales for SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. I did hear that they are talking about having a public "World Premiere" in the near future — perhaps in Hollywood — which I do hope materializes. Meanwhile, it appears that several American companies are interesting in picking the film up for North American distribution... So, cross your fingers!

The festival listing for YAMATO: