First Trailer Released For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

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<p>I don’t know who decided December 1 was going to be a mini D23, but we’re getting new Disney Studio trailers left and right and can barely keep up. The latest, released mere minutes ago, is this never-before-seen first look at Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, the long-anticipated, long-demanded conclusion to the GotG trilogy, as well as probably the last thing James Gunn will do for Marvel.</p>


The Christmas Special is a great way to kickstart this movie and it also establishes Mantis more as a character.
So Bittersweet! For those who are unaware, James Gunn is a phenomenal director, which is why not all Marvel films look awesome as this one. He'll be missed greatly because he'll be leaving to work for DC, where he'll be assisting in the creation of their universe. Marvel made a critical mistake by letting this talented individual go. One of the reasons I like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies so much is that they are comedies at heart while also knowing when to hit you with the feels.


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Oh my goodness, I have a feeling this film will make viewers cry. As a result of this, Marvel may look back on the Guardians films and realize that, despite their illogical plots, audiences adored them because the characters were so well-written. My favorite franchise appears to be nearing the pinnacle right now, and I couldn't be more pleased. It's comforting to see Nebula hang out with the guys after the death of her sister. Nebula has risen from the dead, but she is no longer the same person she was in the alternate timeline.


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I'm hoping for more facetime for Mantis in the film after what happened in the Christmas Special. She deserves to take center stage in the movies now that we know she is Starlord's sister. Let me tell you something insane. The first feature film was released. What is it about this that I find so appealing? I honestly expected it to be a waste of time, but now that it's finished, I'm disappointed. The air is thick with a sense of completion. It's now completed. The final film in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. I'm pretty sure I grew up with this incredible team. With that, we're almost there. It's both something I despise and something I adore. Please, please, please allow this to go smoothly! Despite the fact that recent Marvel films have mostly disappointed me, I still enjoy watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Let's get started!


Is there any way we can thank James Gunn for everything he's done for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise? Anyone who believes the Guardians of the Galaxy will never appear in another film or medium is, in my opinion, not paying attention to how the Marvel cinematic universe works. They weren't well-known, and no one in our generation had heard of them, but the guy created one of the most unique space family superheroes with characters we adore, and he deserves credit for that. Because James Gunn is leaving, the franchise will not be canceled. I'm excited to see what James Gunn does for DC Comics after leaving Marvel.


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Despite their denials, the bright space suits remind me of "Among Us."
In my opinion, the teaser was fantastic. This clearly indicates that the subject matter in this film will be much darker than in the first and second installments. I had no idea this was the final film in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which is a shame because it is one of the most successful film series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During a scene in which they appear to be attempting to save someone, Peter appears to be having a nervous breakdown, leading me to believe that the scene is one of the Guardians' deaths.


My life is saved thanks to the Guardians, who saved it during the Pandemic. I now consider them a second family, and I would be heartbroken if they left. Guardians, I'll miss you. I'm thankful for the many wonderful memories this run has given me.


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I believe people have such a strong connection to the Guardians' family because they are a group of outcasts who just happened to meet and are trying to make it through life, as opposed to members of the Avengers family, who are thought to be among the world's most powerful heroes. Despite the fact that they are aliens, they are far more human-like than the majority of the Avengers.


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Peter's crying during that part of the scene moved me. The scene in which Nebula is shown to be joyful, on the other hand, had a greater impact on me. It's wonderful to see her happy. This appears to be excellent! The trailer is both visually stunning and emotionally powerful. Marvel has a knack for choosing great music to accompany their trailers. Furthermore, because Gamora is visible in the trailer, I'm assuming she's still alive. We won't know for certain until the film is released, but this could be a flashback. However, because Starlord is crying, it appears that another person will die, which surprises me.


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Well, I am not a fan of sci-fi movies, however, I have watched a lot of sci-fi movies mostly the movies based on books. Guardians of the Galaxy is among the movies that I never took any interest despite the movie being very popular among the audiences.


I would say keep these coming as it will make us busy in a productive way as I like Disney movies and how they promote and most of the time their movie cast is just perfect.
My life is saved thanks to the Guardians, who saved it during the Pandemic. I now consider them a second family, and I would be heartbroken if they left. Guardians, I'll miss you. I'm thankful for the many wonderful memories this run has given me.
The film is containing a lot of series of actions that let you watch it consecutively and not getting bored during the film as there is always new events in the film and scenes are related to themselves. It will not be the same without James Gunn but I glad he gets to do this before he moves to DC.

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