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If anything feels ripe for reinterpretation, it’s Masters of the Universe: a concept full of cool sci-fi and fantasy ideas yet clumsily pulled off through limited Filmation resources. Back in 1983 that didn’t seem to matter (and what else were you going to watch anyway?) but Eternia is gonna need some extra “oomph” to gain fans beyond aging Gen-Xers.
It’s already been done for He-Man’s sister. She-Ra was rebooted by Noelle Stephenson so well that it may have single-handedly saved the character from obscurity — we could see a reboot of THAT cartoon in twenty or so years. As for He-Man, fanboy-for-a-living Kevin Smith has been working on a new Masters cartoon, and he claims it’s good, but he also claims NFTs are good. We didn’t know what to expect until today.
The thing about Revelations is that it’s not technically a reboot…Smith says it continues the story where the original series, which was not very continuity-heavy, left off. But it certainly doesn’t LOOK like the original show...
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