First Person Re-Invents Grand Theft Auto V

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First Person Re-Invents Grand Theft Auto V

First Person Re-Invents Grand Theft Auto V

Although originally released over a year ago, the next-generation version of Rockstar Games epic Grand Theft Auto V is one of the years most highly anticipated releases. Rockstar are steadily building up to the forthcoming release and it's evident that they're not content with simply up-scaling the visuals. Last week we reported that there are a...

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I always wanted to know what things looked like from the player's perspective, GTA is definetely one of those games. I know that years back it was possible to do it with racing games, but that just made it all the more harder when trying to win. (And possibly, cause a bit of vertigo. :() But at least with this, it feels like you can be put into the situation and makes you more on edge of your life teetering by a thread. I'm for this for more action paced games, of course, as an option instead of the main aspect of it.


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I've always wanted to play GTA in first person. I am going to pick up GTA for next gen as soon as I can. I cant wait to speed down the highway in first person!

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