First, And Probably Last, Photos from The Batgirl Set Revealed

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There is a petition to release this movie. You guys should google it and support it. I mean a petition leads to the release of Snyderverse.


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I find it pleasing that the design of the costume remains faithful to the Batgirl garb from Adam West's Batman television series. Even though the movie was finished, the fact that it was scrapped is still very disappointing, as they kept her red hair even if they cast a black girl. who has the power to cut a movie after it has already been shot.
I recently rewatched Batman 1989 and thought Keaton was a solid choice for the role. He is one of the lead role in this movie, I would have seen the film simply to watch him. It's a shame the costume wasn't worn because it wasn't terrible. What I've heard is that they've taken down all the footages of this movie so no more chance of release.


I was disappointed when the film has been canceled, but I pray that James Gunn and David Zaslov will choose comics from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s that feature interesting characters we haven't seen on the big screen before.I don't see how it could have been any worse than the recent crop of mediocre superhero films. If I can't see the problem myself, I don't want anyone else telling me it's bad.


Her mask looks like it was constructed from paper mache, and the rest of her outfit looks like it could be purchased at any Halloween supply shop. The evidence isn't encouraging that this would have been a good movie. WB dodged a bullet.


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It blows my mind that Marvel is giving the same amount of trust and care to characters on the B and C Lists as they do to the A and B Lists. On the other hand, Warner Bros. doesn't even value their leading actors. Although I've always been more of a Marvel fan, I do hold DC and its characters in high regard, and I don't think these things are fair. My allegiance lies with DC Comics, but I can't deny Marvel's success in the industry at the moment.


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If they released it now, I'm confident it would earn five times as much as it would have if they hadn't decided to cancel it. Given the impact that cancelation it had on certain communities, I'm interested in checking it out for myself. I don't see why they shouldn't just release it now that they've basically admitted it was woke crap. It's not like they'd pretend it was ever good, and enough people seem interested in seeing it, so I don't see why you wouldn't at the very least make it available for streaming. Many people would be interested to learn what all the fuss was about.


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I wish I can watch it, If I have the money, I will pay DC to give me a copy.


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When I heard the news, I was wondering if the cancellation of Batgirl was just a "tax write-off" or if it was also a signal flare. This could pave the way not only for the cancellation of the Flash film, but also for a complete reboot/restructuring of all DC films. Even though it would be a bad idea to announce this week that ALL of the DC movies are being scrapped and must be redone, it might make the cancellation seem less irrational. Along with getting rid of Henry Cavill, this is James Gunn's first step toward total creative control at DC.


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I intend to keep a close eye on Batgirl. Initially, I thought we were going to see a lame rehash of an old Batman film starring Michael Keaton and Brendan Frasier. I'm hoping James Gunn will take action to get it published.


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So realistic and practical that it reminded me of the scene in Batman Forever where Batman wears not one, but two suits. According to what I understand, the plot was supposed to progress in this manner, with Panther giving way to Sonar in terms of the level of sophistication of bulletproof clothing.

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For the majority of the film, she would have worn her first costume in an attempt to join forces with Bruce or fight on her own. It may have survived until the third act, when Firefly or something else completely destroyed it. Burnside and the Gotham Knights, in my opinion, make an excellent team. The placement of the cape and shoulder pads gives the impression that the emblem is attached to a chest plate. However, this is not the case. I looooove this costume even more than the first.


I hope the Snydercut fans can make the same miracle they did before and make this movie be released.

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