Firaga Records Releases VGM: Essentials: SARE

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Video game music cover publisher Scarl—-I mean, Firaga Records (there’s more than one, folks) has recently started a new artist-centric series to highlight some of the most promising talent in video game music remixes today. Their most  recent release came out over the weekend and spotlights UK-based music producer SARE.
VGM: Essentials: SARE is the title of an interesting compilation album showing off SARE’s chops with classic melodies from Super Mario 64 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 along with newer games like No Straight Roads, Genshin Impact and DELTARUNE. The album also features collaborations from artists Slyleaf, RoboRob, arthur x medic and RoBKTA.
“The important thing that I’ve learned throughout the production of this whole album was to have fun and to trust the process,” says SARE, “This was a huge turning point for me to venture out into trying new things. My music is inspired by the games I’ve played, and I wanted to express that by adding my own spin. Adding elements like...

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What does the Fox say?
I sometimes wonder if when they invented video games, did they ever think that video game music would become aas popular if not more popular than the game. I don't play video games but I love the music! It's incredible!


They posses incredible talent designing these incredible video games and then the music is just like icing on the cake so they are doing everything perfectly and there is nothing that is overdone.


Video game music have this satisfying feelings felt around it , especially when listening without actually playing the game .

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