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Square delivered their Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary livestream this afternoon, and just like we figured, we got all the news we hoped we’d get. Let’s get to it.
First off, let’s start with what everyone came for: first-ever footage from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, or as it will henceforth be known, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. There are some familiar shots here, mainly from Cloud’s backstory, which as anyone who played the original knows, is suspect when it comes to the facts. Tifa already feels it’s fishy. Square thinks it can get this out by “winter” but if we’re just NOW seeing it for the first time, that would have to be some kind of record and we’re skeptical. Square has also revealed there will be three FF7R games in total.

Rumors of a Crisis Core remake have been heating up in recent weeks and….yes, they’re true. At present time imprisoned on the obsolete PSP, the FF7 prequel will be updated with better graphics and republished on everything: PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox...

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What a Bummer! I am expecting Final Fantasy VII Part 2 and All I got is a Mobile port of Part 1 and a remake of Crisis Core. I waited for years for this?


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Crisis Core is one of my favorite games of all time! I became a Cloud and Aerith shipper because of it! I thought it will not be remade because I thought they will prioritize Remake part 2. It is a great way to expand Aerith's role before Sepiroth decides to make a Shish Kabob out of her stomach.


I am confused, Is this part of the Remake trilogy? Why Remake Crisis Core when they are not done with Remake Part 2 yet?

What about the second game though? In the original, this is the point at which we begin to open up the globe and travel. We move the plot forward by going to different places for scenes, and we receive our first huge flashback. Is that going to be compressed in the game?
@Wanda I believe the Crisis Core remake is a filler while people are waiting for episode 2. Crisis Core is set in Midgar so they can use recycled assets. Episode 2 will have a more open world so Imagine all the work needed.



It looks like a remaster more than a remake. Look how similar these pictures frame by frame. They will just add voice acting.


I have a feeling that That Final Fantasy XV dlcs were canceled because of this they want extra team members for Crisis Core Remake.
I cried like a baby because of this game. It's the only game I've ever cried so hard over. I didn't anticipate such a well-executed remake to be released so soon, as I expected a Crisis Core remake to follow after episode 3! I can't wait to see this beautiful yet sad drama again next winter and listen to the great updated soundtracks.


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I hope they preserve the original ending but add a different one you can get. Make it difficult so that saving Zack after 15 years of suffering feels worthwhile. I hope the Price of Freedom OST is included in the final battle; I can't wait for this.


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25 years?? WOW! It's always nice when you get the news you had hoped for. I don't know much about the FF games. So I don't know what news I should be hoping for. LOL. I leave that for my kids. But I love the FF music!