Professionally Insane
Mar 27, 2005
Written by: Kamen Rider Oni.

Chapter 1:

Two figures battled atop of a walkway of this massive, stone castle. A Man clad in dark, spiked, Dragoon Armor wielding a twin trident. Holding their own against the towering attacker, a platinum blonde woman, adorned in shiny, grey armor, and a white cape, wielding a long sword. She blocked another incoming blow from an end of the Trident, and struggled to force it back as it tried to come down upon her Diamond Chest Emblem. Then in the nick of time she mustered up enother strength from her reserves to pary the weapon. Only to be left heavily breathing as she backed up slightly.

Looking around she noticed the flames from further down belowe have reached the mid-way point of the castle, and the screams of fallen soldiers could be heard in the distance. The young Knight feared the worst for her people, but knew she couldn't back down, no matter the cost. There was no going back from her choice to take on this fiend, this Dark Dragoon.

A small grin formed upon the lips of the young Dragoon behind his dragon-like whiskered faceplate. He could tell she was getting weaker, and knew she wouldn't back down, not until death took her. Which the dark, trident wielding warrior had every intention of introducing her to. He had no choice left, since she chose to stand against the Empire and their wishes. There was no going back now. So he quickly spun the trident around over his horned helmet, and then swung up ward at an angle, from eithe side, knocking the young, ponytailed Knight Woman back and forth. Then he followed it up withanother hard, downward strike which was blocked overhead, but this time he forced it down again, before delievering a solid front kick to the Woman's abdomen, forcing her back further.

"There is no chance of defeateing me, Espera," said the Dragoon, "But no there is no room for surrender as well. So if you would just lower your arms, I will make it quick. For your father's sake."

Espera, slowly brandished her blade before readying it in front of her again. She couldn't believe what was being said to her, to think she would heed such words. Answering between bated breathes, she said, "I would rather die upon my feet... than upon my knees!"

With remorse and a little pity in his eyes, the Dragoon summoned all his resolve and rage, then with a rapid burst of energy he came up fast swinging the twin trident about. With a ferocity unlike before he rampaged against the defenses of the young Knight, and then as he came with another downward strike, he waited for her to block it, then then spun the blade vertically down and lunged it straight through her core.

She could taste the coppery flavor of blood enter the back of her mouth, as he felt the sharp, three pronged blade pierce through her armor and into her flesh. Espera then felt the warm thick, reddish liquid exiting her mouth and stomach, and just then her legs became weaked as the strength had finally left them, and finally dropped to her knees. Once the Dragoon tore the trident free, she spat out blood upon the stone walkway, and resting upon one hand, while her blade fell to her side.

"It was going to end this way, Espera, we both knew this," the Dragoon said calmly, though with a hint of disappointment. "If you had only chosen to take up our offer--"

"You killed.... father... Zead....," Espera uttered through gritted, blood stained teeth.

"I did what I had to do. He would not listen to reason," Zead replied, placing down the bloody tip of his trident upon the ground, making a subtle clink.

"He was defending the freedom of our people!" Espera gasped as she finally forced her gaze upon to meet his. "You have.... betrayed us.... for a beast of madness!"

"Lord Shinryu is not mad!" exclaimed back Zead, slamming the tip of his spear into the stonework angirly, sending pieces of it flying in multiple directions.

"S-struck a nerve... dear, Brother...," she replied with a pained smile upon her face as she finally rose upon her knees, holding herself up via her sword.

"You will never... understand what Shinryu offers Regildion," replied Zead as he readies the twin trident again, holding it horizontally in both hands, about waist high. Though he felt deep disappointed and saddened in his little sister for refusing to see reason just like their father did. "But perhaps once Lord Shinryu's goals are achieved, you'll see and understand from your place in heaven."

"Don't you mean hell?" Espera questioned, still forcing a smile, "Cause that's where I'll be seeing you someday for all this."

"Perhaps there won't be either when this is all over and done with."

"Just get it over with... you crazy fool."

"I'll do what I must," he said coldly and without emotion, "For the Empire. For Regildion."

With that he spun the twin trident with one hand above his head, and brought it down toward's his Sister's neck, who remained smiling the whole time as he cleaved through and beheaded her. A large, splash of blood splattered the light grey, stonework beside her now fallen, limb body. Zead felt a wave of release, but also sorrow wash over him. Part of him couldn't believe what he had done, while the rest of him yelled that he did the right thing, it was for the future of the world. That wast he side he chose to belive and find solace in as he took a deep breath.

Then hearing the foot steps behind him, the Dark Dragoon Zead turned about to find several Shinryu Soldiers, armed with various weapons approaching him. He felt a wave of calmness wash over him and raised a hand to stop their approach. Once they all halted in their tracks a few feet away Zead took a few steps forward and nodded to his subordinates.

"I have slain Knight Commander Espra Arbatros, and have quenched the head of the rebelling forces," explained Zead, "What do you have to report?"

"Most of the Arbatros forces are dead, the rest went fleeing into the forests and beyond," replied one of the Soldiers.

"Should we continue our pursuit and put an end to them?" asked another.

"No, let them flee," answered Zead,"It'll show we are not without mercy, but it will also hamper moral of the other four Kingdoms. Now..."

The Dark Dragoon stepped passed his three Soldiers and then stopped as he had a look at the raging flames now reaching the upper level of the castle. They were successful, but he was curious about the cost. "How many did we lose?"

"Only a third of our forces. We were no match for them."

"Well there is at least that," uttered Zead under his breath, then added louder,

"Secure the castle, put out the fires where you can. We must get to the Diamond Crystal as soon as possible."

"Aye, sir," came the three Soldier's replies, as they smashed a fist against their chest in salute.

"It will be done," replied the third Soldier.

"Move out."

With that last order they took off for the spiraling staircase down into the castle, leaving their leader and prized warrior alone at the top. Slowly he turned towards the side of the walkway and gazed out over the land, through the heat plums from the flames, and the clouds of smoke that billowed up into the night sky, merging with the storm clouds that moved in overhead. Then came the rumblings of thunder in the distance.
Proud, just, and secure in his decisions this night, the Dark Dragoon triggered a switch on the twin trident to collapse in the center, and then placed the weapon into a sheath on his belt. He then called out with a whistle, and a moment or two later came a golden, armored wyvern, which he quickly mounted and took off into the approaching storm without any fear.