Figma Kamen Rider Strike and Sting, OCC Birth

Kiva Emperor

I am selling Figma Kamen Rider Strike and Sting, only had them for a few weeks, thought I was going to keep these two at least, but I decided to just go with Figuarts. Same with OCC Birth. Really like the character, was going to have this and the Figuarts, decided to go with the Figuarts only. No wear or anything on any of the boxes or figures, or accessories, everything is 100% complete.

Prices are without shipping.

Figma Strike - $40
Figma Sting - $35
OCC Birth - $30

The Souchaku Henshin Raia is also for sale, just make me an offer.


Kiva Emperor

Still have everything here but Birth.

Really would like to get these out to someone who would appreciate them, willing to negotiate (stuff like free shipping is a possibility!).


All Decade's Fault
It's a bit tough for me. While I want that strike, I'm watching my cash right now, and since you;'re in Michigan, the shipping will kill me. :(

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