Favourites from Four Decades of Sentai

Toku Prime

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This year saw the 40th anniversary of Goranger's first episode and we're about 6 months away from seeing the 40th series in the franchise, and I've recently been thinking about which is my favourite out of each of those ten year series periods. So I thought I'd ask now while it was on my mind - from each of the groups of 10 I've listed below, which is your single favourite series?

First 10 series -
Goranger, JAKQ, Battle Fever, Denziman, Sun Vulcan, Goggle-V, Dynaman, Bioman, Changeman, Flashman

Second 10 series -
Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger, Fiveman, Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger, Carranger

Third 10 series -
Megaranger, Gingaman, GoGo V, Timeranger, Gaoranger, Hurricaneger, Abaranger, Dekaranger, Magiranger, Boukenger

Fourth 10 series (so far) -
Gekiranger, Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gokaiger, Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, ToQger, Ninninger, ?????
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Black Fang

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First 10: Changeman and Flashman

Second 10: Liveman, Jetman, Dairanger, Kakuranger

Third 10: Megaranger, Gingaman, Timeranger

Fourth 10: Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Go-Busters


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If I had to pick just one:

First 10: Flashman

Second 10: Liveman

Third 10: Timeranger

Fourth 10: Gokaiger


First 10 series - Haven't watch any so far back

Second 10 series - Jetman (Only watched 2 here, the other is Dairanger which is also a good series)

Third 10 series - Dekaranger

Fourth 10 series - Gokaiger (Gekiranger comes in 2nd, but Gokaiger is still the most epic Sentai I've ever watched. I haven't watched Shinkenger yet though, which many people love a lot)
First 10: Bioman (Although it's the only show from the original 10 I've watched in its entirety)

Second 10: Jetman (Also my favorite Sentai)

Third 10: Dekaranger (Boukenger comes in a close second)

Fourth 10: Gokaiger (Really the only Sentai I've fully enjoyed from the last decade. The rest range anywhere from decent to poor)

Gokai Green

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First 10: Haven't seen any shows from the list.

Second 10: Kakuranger

Third 10: Gaoranger

Fourth 10: Gokaiger
Here's my list from Best to Worst in each categories.

First 10 (I haven't seen much of them)
Changeman, Flashman, Dynaman, Goranger, Sun Vulcan, JAKQ, Goggle-V

Second 10 (Very difficult to choose, since this was my favorite era!)
Dairanger, Kakuranger, Carranger, Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger, Jetman, Ohranger, Fiveman

Third 10 series (First half is fine, but majority of second half is meh~terrible)
GoGo V, Gingaman, Megaranger, Timeranger, Abaranger, Hurricaneger, Gaoranger, Dekaranger, Magiranger, Boukenger

Fourth 10 (Majority are really hit and miss)
Gekiranger, ToQger, Go-Busters, Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Go-onger, Goseiger, Kyoryuger, Ninninger


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First 10: Bioman

Second 10: Jetman and Zyuranger

Third 10: GoGoV, Timeranger, Dekaranger and Magiranger

Fourth 10: Goseiger, Gokaiger and ToQger