Favourite Toku catchphrase & when do you use them?


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Well, I just want to know people's favourite Toku catchphrases and when do use them in real life.

Oh, and it can be practically anything that has been repeated over and over in the shows, like henshin (well that one's pretty obvious) or magi magi magiro, or even a voice-sound that comes from the machines, like Kamenride: De-De-De-Decade! I just said catchphrase because I didn't know what to call it.
For me, I like to say "KUUGA AGITO RYUKI FAIZ BLADE HIBIKI KABUTO DEN-O KIVA! FINAL KAMENRIDE: DECADE!" randomly XD. One time I said it in French class and my friend sitting beside me was like, "what the hell?"

I replied, "well it's this show where the main character has to press all these buttons to make these sounds in order to activate his strongest power."

so then my friend said, "that sounds like a horrible show to watch."

"well, it's not that bad..."


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i don't really use catchphrases form Toku (have my own muahaha)

However whenever LT is being lazy in the mornings I do yell "WAKE UP!" like Kivat lol

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"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
"Oonore!!!" Whenever I lose at a video game.
"WAKE UP!" Whenever I get up in the morning.
"Yousha!!" Whenever I am pumped up.


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"You're the only one I'll never forgive!" which I say to lots and lots of people, and "Did you see it just now? My power," I occasionally say to ladies.


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"So, count up your crimes!"
I also do the Hibiki wave, and can't pass a mirror without stretching in a Ryuki rider pose.


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I just do random ones. but the ones I usually use are Minna Ikuzo, Kivatte Ikuze, Maitaze (as a substitute for oh man!), Ikuze Ikuze Ikuze!, Ore Sanjou!, and more.

Not to mention that I use them everyday as gratituous Japanese.


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I tend to say "Kore nite ikken rakuchaku!" after I'm finished doing something... like an exam at school or some project I'm working on or whatever. :p
oh yeah, and every time I finish telling somo one off or setting them right or telling them an old story I always say "I walk the path of heaven to rule everything" just for shitz and giggles...
Leo/Psyga's "Taking care of all of you, is also part of my job. HENSHIN!"
Momotaros/Den-O's "ORE SANJOU!" and "Ikuse! Ikuse! Ikuse!"
Shotaro and Philip/W's "Count up your sins"

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