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Hi all,
Its raining in here and I am getting bored,Felt that my body needs some excercise.
And the first game that came into my mind was football,maybe because It suits well with rain.
whats your favourite game?


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To play? I like volleyball. I also like football/soccer. You can play the latter pretty much anywhere. That makes it a great choice.

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To play? I like volleyball. I also like football/soccer. You can play the latter pretty much anywhere. That makes it a great choice.
U seem to have more than one favourite game:p.Kinda funny..
Because for me its just "bike riding" that's runs into my mind as soon I feel bored.:D


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My favorite game to play is Ultimate Frisbee. It isn't very popular in all parts of the world, but it is slowly catching on


My favorite sport is baseball. I do not really play the sport anymore, but I spent most of my childhood playing it. Now I am just a fan, but I still love the game. It is a lot of fun. :)


Of course football/soccer. I used to play every week with my friends. Now I'm only watching it on TV :) I follow English Premiere league and Champions League regularly.


To play, I used to love playing badminton and tennis. I haven't played these in a few years now unfortunately as I can't find anywhere near here to play.
Baseball is the my favorite all time game. If you don't know the details fo the game, it will look boring. However, there is so much skill and strategy that goes along with it. I have played and studied this game and I still have so much to learn.

Every kid should play this great game at some point.


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Basketball has to take the cake for me. Its fun even if you arent very good at it, its fun to even watch as well. Its really easy to get into, but very hard to get good at.


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Swimming is my favorite sport, if it's considered a sport. Competition and athleticism-wise, I'd have to say badminton. It's just a really agile and challenging sport!


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My favorite sport to play would have to be soccer, I haven't played in years but I think I play it better than most sports. My favorite to watch is hockey, I am surprised by the eye hand coordination of the sport.


I don't play sports very often anymore since I'm way too lazy to get off my chair and go out to exercise. I occasionally walk my dog if that's considered a sport, but in the past, I loved to play basketball. I would constantly bug my brother and friends if they wanted to play basketball. I played at school, and had great hand-eye coordination, so I made a lot of my shots if I had an open shot.

If I were to go out right now and try to make one open shot without anyone playing, I would most likely miss because I haven't played basketball in a year. Aside from basketball, I really enjoy swimming as well. It's a great sport to exercise your legs, and your swimming skills.


My favorite sports is playing tennis. I also enjoy playing football or beach volley, but I don't play these so often.

I enjoy playing a tennis match, but a tournament has other excitement. As I mostly play social tournaments, we always have a B draw and pairs, so we end up always making a few games and having a good time.
I'm not big into traditional sports, but I love watching MMA. I don't train MMA, but I do work out in my garage. I have a small punching bag set up on a homemade stand, and I've also made my own double end bag. A double end bag looks like this:

It's great for practicing combos and head movement, and it's fun. Also, I kick around a small ball when I play with my cat, which is pretty much soccer.


i am more into cricket than any other sport, because this is the only game people are passionate about in my country. So growing up as a kid, I have always watched and played cricket growing up.

I also love football and tennis, but have never played any of 'em.


I'm into rugby - watching, not playing. I was always the smallest weakest guy in class so I was never picked to be in the rugby team. Whenever I played it for fun, I'd go home injured so my mom put an end to my passion! Maybe one day I;ll bulk up and play it - once I'm done with watching every film produced under the sun!;)

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