Favorite Sentai 80 mecha?


Kamen Rider Beserker
Though I still havent fully seen all the sentais from the 80's of the ones I have seen the one I think is best is Great Five


lol @ Jetman XD

Mine is the Live Boxer... it's so blocky... it's awesome.

Or.. does Colon count as 'mecha'? Then I'd pick her, because she can dance, cook, has boobs, and you can turn her off whenever you want.


Mine is Jet Icaras.

it's your favorite and you can't even type the name correctly? XD

and yeah, that's a 90s mecha. Unless you meant favorite 90s mecha, instead of 80s

Anyway, my favorite for 80s mecha(s) are Flash King, Live Robo and Turbo Robo.

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