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There is Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. What is your favorite search engine? Why do you prefer it?

I prefer Google. I do not like Google as as company, but it is still the best search engine.

What about you?


I will have to agree with previous posters. Google is the best search engine out there. I wish there were few good alternatives, but there are none. I occasionally use bing but the results are not good compared to google....back in the days I've used :)


I also agree that Google is the best. Whenever I use Yahoo! or any of the others, they never give me what I want when I search. Google isn't as good nowadays and I have to put everything in "quotation marks" nowadays.


Google. Because that's what the rest of the world uses.

I don't know what the advantages of other search engines are. I just like Google because it's fast and reliable.


It has to be Google, and don't ask me why. I just love it and anything else seems odd. All the others need to come up with something spectacular in order to lure me - and many others - away from Google. It's hard to beat the giants.


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Most of the time I use Google but I do try out the other top search engines when I am desperately looking for something specific. It is not true that the searches are all the same but Google just has more. i have found some pretty useful stuff that were not in the Google search.


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Google, because it's the simplest one out there. Easy to use, great results. Many have tried but so far nothing has come to this standard just yet


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My vote goes to Google. It's always been my go-to search engine. In fact, its been set as my homepage for as long as I can remember.
Does anyone remember when was Poor Jeeves.


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Google is the only search engine relevant to the internet today UNLESS you are looking for porn.

Then Bing is the winner. Seriously, Bing some porn and check out their video section. Bada BING!
I still use Google, but I use it through Duckduckgo because it's slightly safer that way. If you search for something on Duckduckgo, then add "!g" without the quotation marks, it brings you to the Google search engine results, but there's a proxy. I wanted to solely use Duckduckgo because of the recent revelation that Google is in compliance with the NSA, but Duckduckgo is such a crappy search engine, I had to go crawling back to Google...


It has to be Google. Their search results are a lot more accurate than Yahoo's or Bing's and their interface is fairly clean and simple. I enjoy minimalistic, and clean interfaces, and Google is the best one out of all the search engines I've used. I don't need unnecessary pictures in my face, or the news, I just want to search; it's what search engines are for, right?


Bing apparently pays though, i've never ever tried it. Not too sure how it works or why everyone doesn't use it if it pays haha.
It would be Google Search Engine because it is simple and very user-friendly. It is the only search engine I use besides the MSN Search Engine.


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My favorite Search Engine is Google Search Engine and DuckDuckGo. Google provides more up to date search results, it's user-friendly and very reliable. DuckDuckGo is great because it protects your anonymity. It also comes along with a no-tracking privacy policy.

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