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I'm not a real big reality TV fan, but there are a few I watch. I would say my favorite would be Storage Wars (I like the original, New York and Texas versions). A real close second would be Pawn Stars, with the third being Hardcore Pawn.


Love original Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and Call of the Wildman. I still get into The Deadliest Catch along with Tuna Wars also. I watch a lot of American Pickers. For some reason, that show just never gets old for me!
Big Brother for me is by far the best reality show and its the one if not only "Real Show." There are many reality shows but alot of them are scripted. With Big Brother its all real.

Unreal show...I love it!


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I hate them all!! I can't stand ''reality'' TV; they're all basically the same. I specially dislike the reality TV shows that are inspired on Jersey Shore. There are so many of those! Each european country seems to have one! There is a spaniard, a british and a dutch version. I don't think there is something real about those TV shows to be honest.
The only one I ever watched was Who Wants to Be a Superhero? due to its total camp value.

Other than that, reality TV is garbage.


Currently my favorite reality show is Masterchef USA. I love Gordon Ramsay and, despite not being a huge fan of cooking I do enjoy how the show unfolds, I watch it every time.


I watch a couple of the cooking shows on and off, and did devour the first season of America's Next Top Model while sick once.


I have watched America's Next Top Model and it's not too bad, I actually enjoy it. I also watch sometimes the Australian Masterchef and America's got Talent, not so bad either.

You're not a fan of reality shows Jellyfish eh?


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I think I may be addicted to reality TV. There are so many shows right now that I can't even list them all. I think two of my top shows are "The Voice" and "Face Off". Ever since I've discovered the Viggle app it makes watching TV more fun.


I'm watching Auction Hunters and Shark Tank, both great shows with different kinds, I think I'm enjoying Shark Tank better currently.


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I enjoyed the original The Real World when it first aired back in the early 1990's.

As for modern shows, I would say Chopped is one of my favorites. It seems the least scripted and manipulated of all of the cooking competition shows. I was into MasterChef until I found out how faked the show was, which was unfortunate.


I do enjoy Masterchef, both Australia and US, but US better.

I've started to watch the season 12 of the Biggest Loser and I enjoy it a lot, I don't know why but I find it entertaining... :D


The only reality show I watch nowadays is The Bad Girls Club. I just love the drama and when they finally have good fights.

The first few seasons were way better then the ones that followed. Though, I still watch and don't regret it one bit.

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