Favorite mecha cockpits?


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Ahhh, I love my cockpits. Let's see.

Maskman's group cockpit

Turboranger's indiv. cockpits

Jetman's indiv. and group cockpits

Dairanger's indiv. cockpits

Ohranger's indiv. cockpits, especially for the OhBlockers

Carranger's indiv. cockpits

Gingaman's cockpits

Goseiger's indiv. cockpits

and I guess I can throw Gokai up there...thing is they need a bit more light and it would be nice to see themmore individually which I know for damn sure will never happen again..:redface2:


Friendship and the Cosmos.
Gingaman's cockpits were so epic. I loved how they held their hands over the Kiba and controlled the Seiju beasts.

I like how Abaranger did the same.

GoGo V's cockpit was awesome, especially how in they would power it with the Five Laser's handle and the Sigma Project was connected to the Tatsumi siblings themselves.


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Gaoranger's cockpit "SoulBird"

Megaranger's cockpit.

Shinkenger's cockpit

Magiranger's cockpit. I love how its a chessboard:anime:


The cockpit for the Go-Onger/Shinkenger combi formation used in the VS movie, Samurai Formation 23 was it? Simple, clean, and cool.


Kamen Rider Beserker
ZyuRanger each rangers one and the main cockpit even if the main one was a slightly newer version of the one Jetman used


Ahim De Famille "She's Got Class"
Bioman Individual Cockpit I like how they divide the team into Red One with Pink Five while the others banded together in the other cockpit

Timeranger/Shinkenger I like how their swords are use as the controller

Goseiger have the best cockpit designs I like that there are angelic halo lights above their heads

Gokaiger I like that GokaiRed is standing while the others are sitting.


I thought the Magiranger cockpit was interesting, seeing the rangers become chess pieces and all.
The best part about the Magiranger cockpit is how even the Magirangers don't know what that's all about, they just go with it because MAGIC!

But to be honest, my favorite cockpit is the Gekiranger one, because they control their mechs with synchronized martial arts, like something out of G Gundam.

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Gaorangers' Soul Bird
Abarangers' Cockpit
Magirangers' Chess Cockpit
Gekirangers' Stand-up Cockpit
Shinkengers' Origami Cockpit
Carrangers' RV Robo Cockpit
Megarangers' Cockpit
Gingaman's Solo Cockpits
Gogo-V's Solo Cockpits
Timerangers' Fighter Jet Cockpits.
Jetman's Cockpits.
Dairangers' Cockpits