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I like playing JRPGs alot so I thought I'd ask and see if there were any who felt the same as me. I like a lot of them but my favorite series is Tales of.... I've played a couple of them and I'm always satisfied with the story, characters, and plot. They're usually flashy enough for my tastes. (I love flashy special moves) I'm currently waiting for more info on the latest one coming out called Tales of Zestiria. I hope this one doesn't disappoint me like Xillia. But that's another story...

What's your favorite JRPG?


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Final Fantasy X hands down. I have just been playing through it again since getting a PS Vita last week and I'm rediscovering why I fell in love with this game :D The story is gripping, and the characters (well, most of them) are really well thought through with fantastic back stories. Tidus isn't my favourite, but I guess we can't have it all. Is Suikoden made in Japan? Either way, I highly recommend you check those games out if you haven't already. Last year during exam period I played so much Suikoden V when I probably should have been studying. Oops.


Xenogears hands down. It was awesome back in the PS1 days and I think it still holds its own up to this day. I love the game because the story was amazing, the characters were interesting and memorable, the world was huge and full of wonder, the combat system was very addicting. Combat was even divided into two - on foot and on a gear (mech/robot). There were lots of minigames and side quests to keep the player occupied too.

Because of its brilliance, I even finished it multiple times even though the ending is always the same. :D
Eh, I've always had quite the love for Persona 4. Deep and dark storyline with characters that you can like and feel bad for and all that sauce. Though I do have to credit FF for introducing me to JRPGs as a thing.
My all-time favourite JRPG is Square's Chrono Trigger for the SNES! Hands down!

Like a great many other JRPGs, Chrono Trigger has an epic overarching arc littered with plot twists and moreover includes multiple side quests, a handful of hidden playable characters, and numerous alternative endings! In fact, I consider the revelation of Magus' true origin and motivation to be one of the greatest plot twists of any video game!

On top of all of that, Chrono Trigger moremore over spans numerous disparate chronological eras, thereby blending together several sub-genres within the broader fantasy and science-fiction umbrella, and moreover incorporates powerful, novel, and down-right fun cause-and-effect time travel scenarios!

Furthermore, Chrono Trigger had a fantastically varied combat system that allowed your party to grow together and not separately, learning special character specific team-work moves!

All this makes Chrono Trigger a fairly unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience for several play-throughs!
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I'll put my hands down on top of the people who said Xenogears and Persona 4 hands down.

I liked the music of Xillia, though. "The Sword that Dances Magnificently" gave me quite the earworm.

For just brain bubble gum with a medial connection to a sophisticated story with memorable characters, but mostly for the intuitive gameplay and the pretty, pretty, pretty everything... Final Fantasy XII.

I need more hands to put down. Did I mention that I pretty much only play JRPG's?


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It's a tie for me between dragon quest 8, Super mario RPG 7 stars, FF 7, Kingdom hearts 2 and Persona 4. All of them are excellent and worthy of being my favorites.


Did you guys know that Pokemon is actually a JRPG? o_O

Hahahaha so I'd have to say my favorite would be Pokemon Red because of the nostalgia and sentimental value.