Favorite FPS?

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I'm not the biggest FPS fan but I do like occasional game of TF2 and Borderlands. I really want to play Spec Ops: The Line at some point but I'm waiting for it to be cheap on Steam.

I can't stand Battlefield or CoD.


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I wish more girls could be like yopu...haha :)

But as you said, they are more into girly games. well, if she is happy playing hose games, I am happy :)
At least she is playing some kind of game. I know a lot of girls that don't like to play games at all.
That;s a very sweet thing to say :) I know a couple of guys who are not into gaming at all! My boyfriend is an example of that! He really doesn't like to play video games, he owns several consoles, but he never finishes the games. Sometimes it feels like he's not that into gaming, not as much as I am :D

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5- Tower of Guns
4- F.E.A.R.
3- Bioshock Infinite
2- Counter Strike Global Offensive
1- Team Fortress 2.
As a side note, I've easily shoved more than a thousands hours into TF2. That game is seriously addicting.


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You might think I am some snotty 13 year old kid, but my favourite FPS is Call of Duty:MW2. That game was so perfect, and without a doubt, no competition the best COD ever made. The maps were amazing, especially terminal. Nothing like it has ever been replicated.


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Dont have a lot of experience on FPS games. my favourite FPS games that i have played must be Call of Duty black ops I and Battlefield Play4Free. Both great games and i am not going to put one higher on the scale than the other. because Play4free is free and black ops is paid i cant expect equal graphical quality ofcourse.


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I think Bioshock is way up there for me. For the style just as much as the gameplay and story.

Doom 2 will always have a special place in my heart.

I liked Black Ops 2. I think I have Modern Warfare 2 but never finished it for some reason. I need to fix that.


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I never played Goldeneye but heard of how good it was. I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic, Doom, and Hexen. Those were very good classics and I was able to remember the game Quake. I only played the demo to Quake 4 and thought it had more going on then Doom 3. I thought that Stalker was interesting even though I never got to play it. FEAR was awesome it had a chilling storyline and cool slo-mo action that can be advantageous. You can play the second and third games and find that the first game paved the way. I think that BulletStorm looked cool since it was done by the people who made Painkiller. I just thought that more could have been done to make Duke Nukem Forever a lot better. I was highly disappointed with the game they could have used the old school weapon slot instead of the Halo weapon system where you can only have two weapons. I really liked seeing the gameplay of the 2009 Wolfenstein game that came out by Ravensoft.


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There are a lot of games that I like especially Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Bioshock Infinite is also great and Dishonored too. I'm just started playing Deus Ex:Human Revolution so I don't know yet but I heard it's good.


Rainbow Six Vegas hands down no FPS has ever come close to beating it. The cover system cannot be beat and just the over all increased skill needed than any other FPS made it so much more fun.


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Up until recently it would have been Battlefield 4. Now it is Insurgency which is a seriously hard game in multiplayer. I thought I was pretty good at Battlefield 4 until trying Insurgency. That game made me realize what a hardcore FPS is like.


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Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 64' - These really kicked off the genre, and as a kick I loved these games and held parties with friends to kill each other :D

Newer ones include but are not limited too:
Combat Arms, Nexon, before they butchered it.
Call of Duty (4)