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I am surprised that this topic has not already been made, but I did not see it. What is your favorite book? What makes it your favorite?

I think my favorite book is Because of Winn-Dixie. I have read it many times. :)

What about you?


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Super hard question to answer, even if I've been asked like a thousand times. My top picks are:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Great Gatsby (for real) by Fitzgerald
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
The Notebook :oops: by Nicholas Sparks


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Hands down my favorite book is by an unknown author named Peter Lord-Wolfe called "The Silence In Heaven". This story follows an angel named Tashum through his fall from heaven during the time when thousands were cast out of the light. The author developed these characters to the point they feel like real people and towards the end you become extremely emotionally attached. Unfortunately to this day there has not been a sequel to this amazing story.


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I am a big fan of Dan Brown. His Deception point being my favorite book. I have read all his books and I will b starting his latest Inferno very soon. I can not put down his books, very well written that I lose myself in his books. The ideas are one of a kind, enjoyable and exciting too. I also enjoy Sidney Sheldon's and Sandra Brown's collections. I prefer mysteries and horror over romance.


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Out of the billions I’ve read, I can’t compare any to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The images from that book are carved in my mind and I’d like to see a modern remake of the film adaptation.


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So hard to say favorite. I have lots of favorites for the different moods I'm in. For romance, I love Jane Austen and not Pride and Prejudice, but Persuasion. For fantasy, (after I graduated from The Hobbit) I grew to love The Fellowship of the Ring. I usually stick to paranormal these days, but I can't say there's anything I'd call a favorite.


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I love to read, and have a lot of favorite books; so picking one is not easy. However, I think the book that I probably most enjoyed reading, and have read several times, is a story called "Emergence" by David Palmer (if I remember right). Emergence is the story of a young teenage girl, emerging from a bomb shelter, and she travels across the country with only her Blue Macaw, looking for other survivors.
She keeps a kind of shorthand diary, and that is how the book is presented.
It is great reading, and I would recommend it to anyone as an excellent book.


I have enjoyed a lot of books in the past and here are my favorites:
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Harry Potter (books 1 to 7)
  • The House of the Scorpion (this book is good guys. You might even cry)
  • Angelology
  • Twilight Saga
And others that I cannot even remember anymore.

dylan thor

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Hands down to David Levithan's Everyday. I like the melancholy it offers. Not that I'm depressed or anything, it's just that I've gotten fed up with books about vampires or zombies or wizards,etc. This book is a breath of fresh air. Just imagine waking up every morning in a different body with your memories on it and not of the body's you inhibited. One day you're a boy, the next day you're a girl. Creepy right? And then what if you fall for someone? How would you make her fall for you when you are different everyday? So there goes the premise of the book.


I really don't have a favorite book, but I do have a favorite writer -- Michael Connelly. He writes a couple of mystery series that are fantastic. Whenever I am out of books to read, or just in the mood to read something that I would really like, I turn to one of his. I think my favorite book of his is The Last Coyote.
The Wolf of Wallstreet is a great movie I just read and recommend it to all. And its based on a true story about a wallstreet guy in the early 1990s.

Leonardo Dicaprio will be playing the main character in the movie coming out later in 2013.


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This is a really a difficult question to answer. However, there is one book that I have fallen in love with it's the Daughter of the empire. The main character a girl is just developed so wonderfully by the author, that you fall in love with her. I have read many books but this one has just stuck in my mind.
My favorite book is the Christy Miller series written by Robin Jones Gunn. It's a Young Adult Christian Contemporary fiction, which consists of twelve books in one series. I love Contemporary fiction, and this series is by far the best contemporary fiction I've ever read. The storyline, characters, and the scenes are very well-written. The Christy Miller series has taught me a lot of things in life.


I read both

Angels & Demons

D'Vinci Code.

I enjoyed the suspense, the details, the remarkable writing, and the conclusion.
I have many but the book I find myself recommending is a fantasy by Clive Barker called Weaveworld. Awesome book. I could not put it down to save my life and found myself rushing back to it every chance I get. If you want to lose yourself, this is the book for you.


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I loved to read ''the mirror in the mirror'' by Michael Ende. A very good book, I really recommend it. I'm not a big fan of fiction, but this one caught my heart. It's so beautifully written!
I loved to read ''the mirror in the mirror'' by Michael Ende. A very good book, I really recommend it. I'm not a big fan of fiction, but this one caught my heart. It's so beautifully written!
This sounds like a fairy-tale book, is it? I would like to check it out soon. I am a huge fan of fiction, which what I normally read when I have free time.


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No, not at all. Most Michael Ende works are food for the thought, this book is basically a collection of short stories that are somehow connected with each other. It's all fiction, but in no way this book could be considered a fairy-tale book.