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There hasn't been a thread like this posted yet. Therefore, I decided to post one to see what you guys think.

There are literally thousands of anime shows currently out there. Though, there are those few that you just can't seem to forget and love. One of my favorite animes would have to be Toradora.

What about you guys?
I would say Pokemon and Sailormoon are my favorite animations. I used to watch Pokemon every Saturday morning when I was little. I remember I recorded every single Pokemon cartoon show on the VCR, which I have kept probably more than 10 video tapes.


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One Piece is my favorite Japanese cartoon by far but I also quite enjoy Hunter x Hunter, GaoGaiGar, Gurren Lagann, Gundam, SGT Frog and BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad.

I tend to enjoy over the top action and comedy which juxtaposes my enjoyment in slice of life drama. The occasional serious action drama is nice. The two action drama series I'm enjoying the most right now are Psycho-Pass and Attack on Titan. For slice of life my favorites are Clannad, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket and the aforementioned BECK.


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I saw Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 over the past couple of weeks. That was pretty good. Best I've seen in a while. I'll always have a soft spot for Excel Saga and Cowboy Bebop.
I saw Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 over the past couple of weeks. That was pretty good. Best I've seen in a while. I'll always have a soft spot for Excel Saga and Cowboy Bebop.
I have heard of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 before. One of my friends is a big fan of Japanese anime.


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My all time favorite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I like the concept and also it is very funny. Too bad the manga and the anime are ended.


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Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite anime of all time. I know it's a bit old. :p
I grew up with it, so I have a very special attachment to that anime. Nonetheless, still at this time I consider it one of the best stories I have ever seen on an anime. It is very well built, contains references to Japanese history, has its fair share of comedy, action and romance. The main characters are pretty good too. The way I see it, Kenshin is not your average perfect hero. He has a dark past and a really dark side, and throughout the anime we watch him struggling with that. Kaoru is also an interesting character. She's not like most of the female characters in shonen, somewhat useless and only there to encourage the hero. Of course she does those parts too, but she can handle herself and that is pretty awesome.
I can't get tired of watching it.


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Aw man, only letting us pick a single favorite is mean. :D I think I'd have to choose Loveless as my favorite though. It's been quite a long time since I've watched it, and it may not be the best, but it's one of my favorites. I'm a big fan of "magic" in anime and I just loved the cat ears. I also liked how the spells were spoken instead of muttered in another language and how devoted Sobi was. I might have to watch it again.


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Probably Death Note, though I've seen a bunch of anime. L is by far one of the greatest anime characters of all time. I've seen Death Note over 3 times... never gets old. Would recommend everyone to at least try it until episode 4, anime fan or not.
I like Slice of Life, so an other favorite of mine is Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Can't wait for second season :D


Gosick. I love it. Victorique is great, the story is great, everything about this anime is great. For me at least. Also, I like the concept of how she's all genius and great at solving mysteries, even at such a young and adorable age.


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I am a big Detective Conan fan since I was 8 and 15 years later it is still my top favorite show. My second choice falls with Natsume Yuujinchou. I have a bit too many for third place but I'll name Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou).

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