fav disney PR series?


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oh yeah, watched dinothunder. was fun except it was a bit lame Tommy was 'out' for like half the show.

Ehh, it's give and take. The show wasn't really about him anyway, he had his time. So I'm ok with it. How they handled him being out is the problem.
Ninja Storm rocks the house. It's PR's Carranger.

Mystic Force has its moments, and RJ justifies Junlge Fury all by himself. Both are largely inoffensive.

Overdrive... look, just... do not watch Overdrive sober. That show is used as prisoner torture in some countries.


Top 3:

Dino Thunder

Ninja Storm


I was going to put RPM, but after trying to rewatch the series again on Youtube...I couldn't find myself to get into like I did when it first same on. I guess I realized that the show wasn't really THAT great. I would take SPD over RPM any day, even the second half when it started going downhill.

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My overall favorite?RPM
I also enjoyed Dino Thunder,Ninja Storm and SPD.
SPD had its flaws,but I liked it..kind of how I currently feel about Samurai.
The other seasons(Mystic Force-Jungle Fury)were "eh"


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Power Rangers RPM. Completely different from Go-Onger. Eddie don't give a **** about Go-Onger and that is good!

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