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We’re close enough to October that Spirit Halloweens are taking over all our vacant big box locations again, and that also means Fathom Events is readying the return of some classic horror flicks to the big screen. The odd thing about the 2021 lineup is that, since it overlaps with some previously announced family-oriented releases, they have simply folded them into the list as “scary” ones. We suppose Howl’s Moving Castle or Paranorman could scare the pants off a 3-year-old, but for anyone old enough to actually be in a movie theater it’s a bit of a stretch.
Anyway. Here’s Fathom’s lineup.
Carrie 45th Anniversary
Sunday, September 26 & Wednesday, September 29
Everybody has feelings, and some people have latent, destructive psychic abilities that manifest under periods of extreme trauma. The ultimate “bullying is bad” movie.
Dracula and Frankenstein Double Feature
Saturday, October 2
It’s the original Dracula and the original Frankenstein from Universal...
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