fanmade poster for a anime superhero taisen film

Hey guys, I made a fanmade poster of a superhero taisen film which will be anime similar like gridman and garo , it will be in ishinomori style similar like kikaider anime and cyborg 009 (2001) anime series and it will be released on a future anniversary year its title is called Kamen riderxGoranger superhero anime UNITE! in Japanese as 仮面ライダーxゴレンジャー スーパーヒーローのキャラクターの団結

The poster shows Kamen rider 1 and akaranger standing side by side and the face of their alter egos Takeshi hongo and Tsuyoshi Kaijo look at each other as if they can trust each other or not.

The characters are loosely based on ishinomori manga designs but the plot will be takeplace in tv timeline you see the story will take place after the final episode of kamen rider stronger and after goranger but before JAKQ where the remains of Shocker and Black cross unite to revive their leaders and it’s up to the 7 riders and the gorangers to stop them but some unknown thing teleported the heroes and separated them into different places and now each goranger member and rider will team up and try to co operate and find their allies to regroup so that they can fight against their common enemies.

The team consists of
Takeshi hongo (kamen rider 1) and Tsuyoshi Kaijo (akaranger)
Hayato Ichimonji (kamen rider 2), Shiro Kazami (V3) Akira Shinmei (aoranger) and Daita Oiwa (kiranger)
Daisuke Yamamoto (amazon),Shigeru Jo (stronger), Peggy Matsuyama (Momoranger) and Kenji Asuka (midoranger)

Joji Yuki (riderman) will appear in the climax after the heroes are finally united.

This film will focus on both the rider and goranger members as if they will understand about their tragedies, their difference and similarities and how they will team up to defeat the common threat which will soon create their legacy .
If this anime film is real and will be released on a future anniversary milestone year then it will be a great nostalgic movie for fans of both franchises to see both of the first hero from the start of the franchise in anime style in theaters.

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