Fanmade Gaia Memories


わたし は ケモノ ライダ!
These were made with an old design of Gaia Memory that I used before..



The two above Memories are based on an old Transformers comic where Megatron and Ratchet were fused together into one grotesque being.


Gills Memory, shouldve used the Dopant Memory back then.
Mind if i reverse engineer your pics to make some blank templates for people to use?

Credit will be given where wherever i put them.


わたし は ケモノ ライダ!
That would be fine. I have the PSD file on me, I just need to be able to somehow share it here.

By the way, I made a quite unique new Memory. The Rumplestiltskin Memory. This Memory would be unique in which its Dopant is near invincible unless someone can guess its name, and it wont call out the Memory name until it is guessed as well. If there was a costume of it, it would be a kaijin body with the actor's head exposed as well as wearing a false beard and a hat. Something like Phineas the troblin from Power Rangers Mystic Force.

How would the Gaia Memory voice say its name if it were real? "Rampurustirutzukin!" ?


EDIT: Scratch that, I have found a way to share the templates

Dopant Memory:

Rider Memory:

EDIT EDIT: I created the almighty "Shiinkuro!" Memory! I had an idea of Accel and W combining together into one, plus the term Accel Synchro from YuGiOh! 5D's inspired it.

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It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
My request for a Rider Memory

Color : Gold w/ silver sparkles
Tip Color : Crimson
Letter Motif : A half-opened Lion's head. Kinda crooked L
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Friendship and the Cosmos.
Holy Cow. These....are....AWESOME!!!! I had an original memory once, called it the 'Malice Memory'. But sadly, I can't make them like you do.

Mind telling me how you make these?


Kourin! Man wo Jishite
People...he DON'T (Read with atemption: D-O-N'-T) do requests. I tried but I did'nt had my idea to

Toku Girl 2009

White Mask
My request for a Rider Memory

Color : one green and one bronze
Tip Color : one gold and one silver
Letter Motif : an O with a crest at the top

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