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Sep 5, 2009
*Throws Rice at screen*

Rock-On FangireTrigger!

That made me laugh pretty hard LOL Thanks!

And thus, a family has been born. Today was the day you paved a new road to your future. For your new family and your new life, all I can say is...


And congratulations.

Pft!! XDD Thanks!


Congratulations you two! So who's next? Kivat and Gosei Pink? :laugh:
And FQ you look beautiful in your dress.

How'd you guys meet anyway? Was it over HJU or did you guys know eachother before all of this?

We met originally through some mutual friends. I thought he was cute and was trying to flirt with him but he wouldn't talk to me so I gave up. a year later we met again through the same friends, and he told me the previous year he had his jaw broken in a boxing match and COULDN'T talk lol. He joined HJU after I introduced him to the wonderful world of toku haha.

The ties....and the bridesmaid dresses. Did you pull a Power Ranger them? Best wedding everrrrrrr.

Yes we did! hahahaha!! Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink! And all the music we played was from Kiva ;)

I have no idea who you are.

But congratulations on your marriage.Hope you don't get divorced.

By the way, you look extremely skinnier in the third picture.

Thanks I guess lol. And really? Hmm The shawl was kinda big, but i thought it was tacky to have my back tattoos showing, plus it was COLD AS HELL in there lol

For some reason I thought you two were already married ... lol!! BUT congratulations :anime:

Haha we might as well have been haha. Thank you


And to everyone else thank you SO much for the congrats!! I should have video and full pics up when we get back from the honey moon. We are leavingsoon for Gatlinburg, TN! I'm super excited. I used to go there when I was a kid and LT has never been there. It will be so fun to show him everything and experience everything together!
Jan 2, 2010
You crazy kids have a ton of fun ya hear!
And make sure to leave your hotel room once in awhile too (;))
Feb 19, 2009
Congratulations you two! :thumbs:

I'm very glad to see that you both are now married at long last! :buttrock:
Eye See You
Feb 10, 2005
LT's hair got longer.

Congrats to you guys!. My gift should be arriving in the mail very soon.