Family Guy Or American Dad

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Dreek Lass

So I will start this thread off by first saying that I once went out on a date with this girl, and the topic of Family Guy came up, and she and her friends were laughing and saying how much they liked it, and I said that I didn't find it funny. The girl I was out on the date with deadpanned and just seemed offended in some way that I didn't find it funny. Whatever, I knew she was a douche and that all we had in common was music taste.

So yes people love Family Guy and back then I never really used to watch it, but since i have seen a few more episodes I think it is sometimes funny. But American Dad craps all over it in terms of wit and the way that the story lines are put together. My favorite sense of humor is creative, quick, and witty humor. I laugh at other styles too, but my favorite is the style I just described, so American Dad beats Family Guy hands down even though Family Guy seems to be more popular.

Out of the two, which one is your favorite?


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I prefer Family Guy to American Dad. Family Guy has been around for a long time and for good reason.I love Peter Griffin's personality and he brings so much to the show. Stewie and Brian's relationship has been well developed throughout the period of the show. They think through the plots as well, such as the fights between Peter Griffin and the giant chicken, it occurs once every while and shows that the plot is continuous.


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I like them both! My husband hates them both! I think they are hilarious! American Dad reminds me of my husband!


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I like Family Guy a bit more than I like American Dad. The humor has improved on the latter tho. Family guy offers a very silly humor sometimes, so does American Dad. I think most of those series are trying to offer the same kind of humor. Family Guy teaches you nothing, but American Dad teaches you something from time to time, a little something, but it still is something!


Despite I'm only watching American Dad regulary, can't call Family Guy bad, only for me it's not as attractive neither as funny as American Dad, gotta love Roger and his 10000 personas, when he changes into a mob like persona I can't stop laughing at it, it's such a well made character, well and then there is Stan who puts the another meaning to the word patriot, even if it means kill his entire family, and Steve the kid needs to get laid before the show ends, it would be the perfect finale LOL, everytime he's close to it something happens ahah, hilarious! American Dad is one of the best "adult" cartoons I've ever watched definitely.