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Evil Dead: The Game is the next attempt to make the next big survival horror asymmetric multiplayer online game. Dead By Daylight might be a glitchy mess, but its community stayed active even if the fanbase complained. There have been many attempts to make a game with four vs. one mechanics, but none of them managed to have an active player base.
Some of them have the potential to be huge, like Friday the 13th, VHS, Home Sweet Home, Resident Evil Resistance, and Last Year, but they didn’t leave enough impression to keep the number of players active.
Evil Dead: The Game is based on the movie franchise of the same name. Ash Williams, who is the franchise’s lead character, is even a DLC Survivor in Dead by Daylight, with Bruce Campbell lending his face and voice. Now you can play as Ash again but in his prime.

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This looks like a love child between Friday the 13th and Resident Evil Resistance. The Demon gameplay is very resistance like.


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Dead By Daylight have the advantage of having crossover characters and that includes Ash from this Franchise. How can this game keep itself fresh if its limited to Evil Dead characters?