"Everything Wrong With Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music" (CinemaSins Parody)

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"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"

*credit goes to Marcos The Ornac for the video!

Sheesh, everything is getting the honest trailer and CinemaSins parody treatment, lately. Oh well!!!

Here's a cinemasins parody on Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger the Movie: "Gaburincho of Music"

Enjoy and discuss!!!


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While I can enjoy the Honest Trailer versions of Tokusatsu, it gets a little harder for me to enjoy stuff like this when the main Fansub group being used is TV-Nihon.
There are still some dumb things that will always be dumb, regardless of what the subs say, but seeing T-N's work used as the primary translation choice always makes cringe.


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If it's a point of using a softsubbed groups work in editing, you can always recode the video to include the subs instead of using a hardsubbed groups like TVN.

If that was the only point, I wouldn't bring it up. It's the fact that T-N has a history of incorrectly translating MANY things to the point of not being dependable anymore. Other groups, typically the softsub groups, are usually more accurate.

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