Everyone is still talking about Squid Game

Staff member
Jan 14, 2018
Squid game is still the talk of town around online because of the chaotic combination of emotions it made the audience feel.  This Death Game drama puts you at the edge of your sit and not stop watching. It will make you laugh, cry, afraid and angry. Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said Squid Game could be their biggest foreign language show. Maybe even biggest show ever regardless of language because of its popularity. It has twist and turns that will upset you but you cant stop hate watching. Squid Game even trended on Twitter multiple times because people are amazed and upset at the same time after watching it. It is one of the shows where you should not feel emotionally attached to characters. Over 14 Million videos about this show are uploaded on Tiktok and it is not limited to South Koreans.
As  a Promotion for the show, In some malls around South East...

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