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Rockfish Games has announced their single-player space looter shooter Everspace 2 will be arriving on Steam in Early Access form, in about a week.
In Everspace 2 you can do all sorts of things…build and customize your spaceship, solve puzzles, craft items, trade the items you make, fight aliens, and explore the universe for valuables. The game also has support for Logitech and Thrustmaster joysticks, because there are space sim fans that like to use joystick controls. This early version packs in around 25 hours of gameplay and the first two star systems…more content will be added in the coming year.
“After multiple rounds of community testing by some 2,000 players, and great feedback from various gaming outlets and content creators on the closed Beta, Everspace 2 is ready for Early Access. We can’t wait to receive feedback on the initial release version from space game enthusiasts on Steam and GOG,” says Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of Rockfish Games.
Schade goes on to describe...
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