ever met a famous person?

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last night at my college, i had the chance to meet michio kaku, the theoritical physicist. Well, he's at least famous to me.

have you ever met anyone famous?

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I met Michael Smith, a chef on Food Network.

Also met Johnny young Bosch, and a crap ton of other anime voice actors at conventions.


Depends on your meaning of famous, like famous or celebrity famous, Ive met various people from the comic book industry including JRJR, Sean Philips, Dave Gibbons and Jock, and ive met the band 'Enter Shikari' :/ purchased a pint for Rou when I was underage! GET IN! whoops almost forgot I met Anthony Stewart Head while Buffy the Vampire slayer will still going strong, however I gave up my 'free' autograph to my mom ... still he was cool to meet.

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I met WWE Wrestler Randy Orton one night when I was working at a gas station on I-90 in NY. Got to shake his and got an autograph from him. It was pretty sick. Also, as a kicker, Ted DiBiase was in the passenger side of the car that Randy was driving. Twas pretty sick experience. :D

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I m related to Vincent Price.....that count?

i have met Undertaker, The Hardy Boys, Kane, Terrance Zdunich, and Lynn Bousman

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I worked at a busy Starbucks in LA for almost five years. I met lots of famous and vaguely-famous people. A could of them were even regulars. :thumbs:


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Met a few TV/movie/theatre performers at stage doors in the West End. At one point a friend and I had a thing where we tried to get the autographs of all five of the original cast of Torchwood. We succeeded - he met John Barrowman at a fan event, I met Naoko Mori (in Avenue Q) and Burn Gorman (in Oliver!) at the stage door, and we wrote to Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd for their autographs


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does meeting Sentai actors count? particularly Reds who are the most popular... I've met Chiba Yudai once and Ozawa Ryota twice. meeting the latter for the 3rd time next month. :anime: I've also met Niwa Mikiho more than 10 times but that's because I see her every Sunday at a radio station. :laugh:

though I really want to meet actors/actresses who are bigger than those from Tokusatsu, like Toda Erika or Aragaki Yui etc. if only there was a way to do that. :disappoin

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Well, I've met a lot, but the most recent has got to be Stephen Christian, the vocalist of Anberlin during their concert.



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I met and had nice 5-10 talks with Mark Hamill, RVD and Kevin Smith.

Hell, Mark loved my spider-man/ carnage shirt i was wearing.


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I have met all the member of AKB48's Team A, Team K, Team B, and the first 4 of Team 4
Also I have met SKE48, NMB48, SDN48, Momoiro Clover Z, Morning Musume, and ORIENTAL RADIO


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To be honest, meeting a "famous" person are way overrated since one of us can became famous overnight like Zeddie Little (The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy). Thus my answer is my reflection in the mirror. :)

I'm not that vain!