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Funimation confirmed today that EUREKA: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution will be getting a theatrical release in America. We don’t know the exact date yet, but it will be sometime in 2022.
Love is rare in anime. Before you point out “harem” is an entire genre and there are plenty of studios that overuse panty shots, we don’t mean LUST, we mean actual LOVE — two people who actually care about each other. The original Eureka Seven is beloved by anime fans primarily for telling a rare and well-executed love story that wasn’t a one-sided fantasy. It’s actually a mecha anime and its plot is kind of incoherent (and there’s this filler episode about soccer for no reason) but it was Eureka and Renton’s relationship that made the series work.
Ever since then, the people who hold the license have struggled over what to do with it. A sequel series was produced a decade back about Renton and Eureka’s kid, but it was largely despised. The latest attempt is a trilogy of movies that retell the story of...
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