Entity (Slenderman)


[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T03TMMilIwU"]ENTITY Teaser Trailer (Official) - YouTube[/ame]

Well I'll be... that skinny criton gets a movie.... I hope it will be interesting





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boogie woogie feng shui
Can't help feeling like this is going to be a monumental waste of time. Why didn't they just gift the cast and crew of the stellar webseries Marble Hornets with enough capital to finance a feature?


I expected to see a bunch of people going like "What? That indie horror game the got mildly popular on youtube gets a movie adaptation?"
Glad you guys are better than that. Youtube is an exercise of frustration on this part, to the point of me wanting to shoot anyone who calls him Slender instead of Slenderman.


yeah, I'll admit I hadn't really been all that interested in Slendy for a couple of years now, not since I found out it was just an internet thing... hey, I thought it was a cryptid story, or something like the boogeyman,,, though I like to think that Gentaro and Slendy are the best of buddies

as for the stuff like Marble hornets, I got bored of that quickly, as soon as I realised it was taking 10 months for updates

but there is a youtube video with obvious ties to Entity

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oO_Gc0rkos"]Government activity in my neighborhood? - YouTube[/ame]

as for Slender, tried playing it once, and for whatever reason I couldn't move the flashlight while I was moving


boogie woogie feng shui
yeah, I'll admit I hadn't really been all that interested in Slendy for a couple of years now, not since I found out it was just an internet thing... hey, I thought it was a cryptid story, or something like the boogeyman

But it is, and that's the beauty of the Slenderman mythos. It's a scary story for us here in the internet age, making full use of technology and traditional folk storytelling as tools to enhance the fear and unease we experience when we encounter the character. The fact that Slenderman, his methods and all the circumstances of his origin were produced as part of a forum contest to concoct the creepiest creepypasta is a testament to the lush creativity and resourcefulness of internet users, even on parts of the web that are notorious for shocking, graphic, degenerate content. It's an enthralling story with a very powerful pull of mystery. That's exactly why I dig it.

as for the stuff like Marble hornets, I got bored of that quickly, as soon as I realised it was taking 10 months for updates

The thing about the Marble Hornets crew's slow release times is that those guys are not professional filmmakers, they're ordinary people going to school full time and working jobs and having lives, which really makes what they've accomplished with the series that much more impressive. You'd be well advised to do what I do and watch them successively on the DVDs that they've released themselves--as long as you're going to wait, you might as well wait to watch it right.


The thing about the Marble Hornets crew's slow release times is that those guys are not professional filmmakers, they're ordinary people going to school full time and working jobs and having lives, which really makes what they've accomplished with the series that much more impressive. You'd be well advised to do what I do and watch them successively on the DVDs that they've released themselves--as long as you're going to wait, you might as well wait to watch it right.

oh, I understand that... it's just for the most part it felt more like the Masky series... and I don't care too much for him


For the sake of playing along... How the hell did that fat guy outrun what seems to be a trained government agent? And how the hell did he able to get past the security perimeter in the last portion? LOL.

he is obviously Chouji, or he is the amrican Power Rider Wizard...

and Slenderman is actually a phantom


That movie looks UTTERLY mundane. Seriously looks ridiculous. Where's the madness? The opressive feeling? The lovecraftian undertones? This looks like some kind of arsonist stalker in a suit you could shoot with a gun.

Plus they're doing it wrong with that shot from behind the claw! You're not supposed to get such a good look at Slenderman and he's not suppose to move when you look at him!!


alright, a few days ago, Entity's facebook held a Q and A with the Writer and Producer of the movie...so here is a copy and paste

Entity · 3,427 like this
Wednesday at 8:10pm ·
Starting in 10 minutes, we will be doing a selective Q/A session right here on Facebook. The writer of the film and one of the executive producers will be fielding as many questions as they have time for! Now's your chance to ask away.
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Matt McNally release date?
Wednesday at 8:11pm · Like · 1

Wednesday at 8:11pm · Like

Matt McNally major stars?
Wednesday at 8:11pm · Like

Michael Kitchens When is the movie relased and would it be realsed in Savannah Gerorgia? i havent seen a trailer on television
Wednesday at 8:11pm · Like

Brett McGowan Will there be video distortion like in MH?
Wednesday at 8:11pm · Like · 2

Aaron Ramirez What was some of the greatest motivation to make this movie?
Wednesday at 8:12pm · Like · 1

Kiwii Santana What was the experience filming such recently iconic character? Did it make any impact in your filming career?
Wednesday at 8:12pm · Like · 2

Kyle Walker Where is the movie being filmed at?
Wednesday at 8:13pm via mobile · Like

Hector Cabrera where did the motivation for filming this movie come from?
Wednesday at 8:13pm · Like · 1

Martin Valenzuela Is the movie coming to Chile and south america¿?
Wednesday at 8:13pm · Like

Shelby Gray Will there be any major nods to the creepypasta origin?
Wednesday at 8:14pm · Like · 2

Tanner Brasher Oh, and what is 1414??
Wednesday at 8:14pm · Like

Devin England How is this Entity going to be different from SlenderMan? I have already seen in the trailer what appears to be Claws, and a mouth, which already goes against the current mythos, how much else are you willing to reveal?

If I think of others, I shall message the page when I am unblocked from doing so.
Wednesday at 8:14pm · Like · 3

Rafael Loza Is this movie about slenderman? And what is the movie about?
Wednesday at 8:14pm via mobile · Like

Kort Payne Serya Vishous Will this be the only movie for this, or will there be a 'sequel(s)'
Wednesday at 8:15pm · Like · 1

Brandon Sodhi after the trailer was released, some people who are really into Slender Man had some reservations about how it might be portrayed in the movie (as in "not psychological enough"). what would you say in response to that? how is your interpretation of Slender Man mythos similar or different to the other stuff out there?
Wednesday at 8:17pm · Like · 2

Morgan Hyslip Is the movie an entirely public release or only select theaters?
Wednesday at 8:17pm · Like · 1

Richard Osburn How difficult was it to create a full story out of something that for the most part is the antagonist of many ongoing series?
Wednesday at 8:18pm · Like · 1

Eden Allan Do the viewers play a bigger part than what they think?
Do you love all of your fans?
Will you credit marble hornets's makers for the use of the symbols?
>and much more questions
Wednesday at 8:18pm · Like

Brett McGowan Is the Slenderman CGI or a costume?
Wednesday at 8:18pm · Like

Ronald Alfaro If this movie is successful, would you consider doing another movie like it? Using Slendy and/or another creature such as "The Rake"?
Wednesday at 8:19pm · Like

Maliça Staples Why Slenderman?
Wednesday at 8:20pm · Like

Entity My name is Will Phillips, I'm a producer on the film, I'll be sorting through your questions as best as I can and as fast as I can. The writer of the film, Courtney Hagans, will be fielding as many questions as she can as well, so let's begin.
Wednesday at 8:21pm · Like · 5

Entity ‎Brett McGowan - the "costume" is a mix of both CGI and traditional methods. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:21pm · Like · 1

Sean Rock Will Slenderman have a red or black tie? This choice alone will determine if i watch the movie or not.
Wednesday at 8:22pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Wyatt Hunt - If anything, nods and homages. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:22pm · Like

Entity ‎Eden - As you know, you folks play a huge role in the development and release of the film! We love you guys. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:23pm · Like · 1

Janna Robinson If this movie is a hit, will it come out in theaters all over the country instead of a select few?
Wednesday at 8:23pm · Like

Ben Garrett wwho is the suit actor
Wednesday at 8:23pm · Like

Entity ‎Richard - It's safe to say that the trailer gives away probably 15% of the story and origins of the Entity, so I'll wait until another trailer before I answer another one. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:23pm · Like

Steph Vinke I was curious how you came to the decision to use the "operator symbol". I know it's seen as one of the more well known slender man symbols, but there are a lot of them out there. So I was wondering if it was perhaps just a favorite, or if there was more to it than that ? :)
Wednesday at 8:24pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Morgan - It's different than a typical release. More info on that as it comes. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:24pm · Like

Entity ‎Brandon - You will be surprised and very, very happy. We promise. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:24pm · Like · 1

Geoff Thompson Will it be a huge release or just select theaters?
Wednesday at 8:25pm · Like

Hannah Perry is masky going to be in the movie??
Wednesday at 8:25pm · Like

Entity ‎Kort Payne Serya Vishous, We currently own the rights to the sequel, and depending on the box office turnout, that is always an option. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:25pm · Like · 2

Ben Garrett will there be a psychological twist in the end
Wednesday at 8:26pm · Like

Entity ‎Devin, The ENTITY in our film hasn't a mouth. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:26pm · Like

Entity ‎Tanner Brasher - 1414...hmm..not sure, bud. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:27pm · Like

Entity ‎Shelby Gray AB-so-LUTELY. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:27pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Kyle Walker - The pan handle of Florida, Alabama and a few other interiors. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:27pm · Like · 2

Brandon Sodhi I have no doubt I will be happy with the movie. thanks for doing this!
Wednesday at 8:28pm · Like · 1

Daryl William Ramsey Possible release in the UK?
Wednesday at 8:28pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Ben Garrett I wrote the film as a psychological horror movie. As far as the ending goes, you will have to see to find out :) - Courtney
Wednesday at 8:28pm · Like

Entity ‎Paul Murphy I'd hate to spoil the entire film for you so early... - Will.
Wednesday at 8:28pm · Like · 1

Ben Garrett okay, will the original creator of the creepy image have a form of walk on cameo in the movie?
Wednesday at 8:28pm · Like

Greg Fisher When is this being released? And will the creature make an audible sound?
Wednesday at 8:29pm · Like · 1

Jusmeg Josefager Does this Slender man look like the ones we all see on the internet? I heard you guys did changes and I don't think that was the best idea.
Wednesday at 8:29pm · Like

Entity Elvy Aze The film is released (on a date yet to be announced) in the Summer of 2013. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:29pm · Like

Brittni Cook Will he have a voice or be accompanied by any noises when seen in the film?
Wednesday at 8:29pm · Like

Dale Caiola Will the release be national or for select theatres?
Wednesday at 8:29pm via mobile · Like

Entity ‎Greg Fisher Summer 2013. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:31pm · Like

Ronald Alfaro When he's near...will there be static?
Wednesday at 8:31pm · Like · 1

Carter Townsend Care to explain this?
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oO_Gc0rkos"]Government activity in my neighborhood? - YouTube[/ame]
Wednesday at 8:31pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Carter Townsend No comment. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:32pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Ronald Alfaro What kind of filmmakers would we be if we didn't add that? Haha, just kidding, but seriously - that is up to the director! - Will.
Wednesday at 8:33pm · Like · 3

Alex Ostroskie will slendy still be the same or will you make changes to his powers/ appearances
Wednesday at 8:33pm · Like

Entity ‎Brittni Cook The only speaking parts in the film are associated with the human cast. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:33pm · Like · 1

Sean Rock Will his tie be red?
Wednesday at 8:33pm · Like

Wyatt Hunt Did you choose to film in Florida because TribeTwelve takes place in that state?
Wednesday at 8:34pm · Like

Wyatt Hunt ‎*started, sorry
Wednesday at 8:34pm · Like

Ben Garrett what made you think of making a movie based on an internet story?
Wednesday at 8:34pm · Like

Entity ‎Jusmeg Josefager Photographs and a teaser trailer have been released for viewing. We are proud of our character design, and you will all be pleasantly surprised with the end result. -Courtney
Wednesday at 8:35pm · Like

Entity ‎Sean Rock Spoilers abound by the answer to this question! - Will.
Wednesday at 8:36pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Thomas Denrich It is based off of your nightmares. - Courtney
Wednesday at 8:37pm · Like · 7

Jeremy Stephen I'm sorry if the question has already been asked but was that trailer shown actually the movie or just like an idea of what it's going to be like?
Wednesday at 8:37pm · Like · 1

Ben Garrett ‎^that
Wednesday at 8:37pm · Like

Jacob Scott Barber after a while would you put a free download up? for those of us too far away and too low on cash? also, how long have you been planing this?
Wednesday at 8:38pm · Like

Ben Garrett that's extremely cheesy
Wednesday at 8:38pm · Like · 2

Eden Allan It would be really super cool if you let the credits at the end have footage from tt, emh, and mh (small profits to them though)
Wednesday at 8:39pm · Like

Entity ‎Jeremy that trailer is composed entirely from footage shot for the film. Although the aspect ratio has been modified for youtube, instead of the traditional 2.35:1 format. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:39pm · Like · 1

Ben Garrett Will 20 dollars be played in a scene as a joke? like during one creepy scne a person stands by the road and a car passes by blaring the song?
Wednesday at 8:39pm · Like

Enrique Gonzalez Is this gonna be a scary, impossible to understand monster? Or is it gonna be like the one from a similar movie, that all he wanted was love? I hope he's the first
Wednesday at 8:40pm · Like · 1

Evan Badgett Hmmmmm... A movie about a tall thin entity... Must be Slender Man.
Wednesday at 8:40pm via mobile · Like

Entity ‎Wyatt No, I don't believe that logic crossed the location manager's mind, honestly. I'm sure it has something to do with logistics and how the area "fit" the film. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:41pm · Like · 1

Sam Johnson Will there be any notion of the Marble Hornets characters/plot/ To The Ark within the plot.
Also, the Entity seems to be capable of moving and clawing his way to the victims, whereas the original Slenderman seems only to be an ominous, stationary, and teleporting psychological visage. Has this changed for a reason?
Wednesday at 8:42pm via mobile · Like

Entity ‎Joshwa Walton We have taken our own creative path on "Entity". As far as staying true to any "mythos", our film is carefully orchestrated to please new and old fans. - Courtney
Wednesday at 8:42pm · Like · 2

Sam Johnson plot?*
Wednesday at 8:42pm via mobile · Like

Ben Garrett for whatever reason, I am really curious, who did you hire to wear the suit in the movie?
Wednesday at 8:42pm · Like

Entity ‎Paul We love you guys, we try not to upset you. All of you - Will.
Wednesday at 8:43pm · Like · 2

Evan Badgett Will there be an unexplained mass shortage of $20 out of everyone's wallets?
Wednesday at 8:44pm via mobile · Like · 2

Entity ‎Ben A talented stunt man and production designer named Derek Bond, played the "ENTITY" in scenes in the film where a physical presence was required. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:45pm · Like · 3

Ben Garrett Will there be any reference to that GroSSman german story?
Wednesday at 8:49pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Paul - Just as a blanket statement for everyone here, the film's teaser literally gives away perhaps one quarter of the overall plot, and captures some of the most "physical" moments in the film as opposed to the psychological element which is the GENRE of the film! - Will.
Wednesday at 8:49pm · Like · 2

Entity ‎Ben, I'm gonna answer this one, although I probably shouldn't...Yes. - Will.
Wednesday at 8:50pm · Like

Entity ‎Enrique Gonzalez "Some men just want to watch the world burn" - Courtney
Wednesday at 8:50pm · Like · 5

Nick Le Why did the "Entity" as you guys called it, have claws instead of appendages? If that leads to spoilers, what inspired you guys to create the film shortly after the indie game, Slender, came out?
Wednesday at 8:50pm via mobile · Like · 2

Entity ‎Nick Le Without going into spoilers, the "Entity" changes his appearance throughout the duration of our film. And as far as the creation of our film, "Entity" has been in production for over a year. - Courtney
Wednesday at 8:54pm · Like · 2

Entity ‎Evan We hope not - Will.
Wednesday at 8:59pm · Like · 2

Wyatt Hunt It appears that I was beaten to the punchline xD
Wednesday at 9:01pm · Like

Ben Garrett Well I'm officially out of questions, so I'll leave this... dont do anything Micheal Bay or M Night Shamalama would do
Wednesday at 9:02pm · Like · 2

Entity ‎Sam Johnson It has not changed. This will come to light once we make the decision to release our theatrical trailer. -Courtney
Wednesday at 9:03pm · Like

Spencer Gillett I'm so pumped for this.
Wednesday at 9:04pm · Like · 2

Entity ‎Spencer Gillett We're pumped that you're pumped! - Will.
Wednesday at 9:04pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Ben Garrett We taught them everything they know ;) - Courtney
Wednesday at 9:04pm · Like

Ben Garrett Entity - and theres the twist
Wednesday at 9:05pm · Like

Entity We will be fielding questions for about 10 more minutes, speak up!
Wednesday at 9:07pm · Like

Justin Cohen Will there be any cameos of other famous Creepypasta characters?
Wednesday at 9:08pm · Like

Entity ‎Justin Cohen Maybe... *is killed by our lawyer* - Will.
Wednesday at 9:08pm · Like · 4

Spencer Gillett Will I pee myself?
Wednesday at 9:08pm · Like · 1

David Ainsworth will this be in all theatres in the U.S?
Wednesday at 9:09pm · Like

Entity ‎David Ohhh, tough question. That's not really up to me though. That's up to the distributor. Even THE DARK KNIGHT wasn't released in every theater in the United States! - Will.
Wednesday at 9:10pm · Like

Ben Garrett how much is Slenderman asking for him being allowed to caught on film? dare I say... 20 dollars
Wednesday at 9:10pm · Like

Spencer Gillett There are set main characters, right?
Wednesday at 9:11pm · Like

Alex B B Johnson is this more of a big budget movie like dark knight or more indie? in otherwords will there be legit previews for this in big movies or only small things about it?
Wednesday at 9:13pm · Like

Carlos Iván Espejel Does Entity will be on sale? (Sorry for my baaad english)
Wednesday at 9:14pm · Like

Jalen Six If its not in the u.s is there anyway I can watch/buy it online?
Wednesday at 9:15pm via mobile · Like

Entity ‎Carlos, Jalen Six, You will be able to watch the film, buy the film and download the film, no worries! - Will.
Wednesday at 9:17pm · Like · 1

Entity ‎Spencer Gillett Morgan and Casey that you were introduced to in our teaser trailer are our main characters. But, keep in mind, they're not the only one's that have had contact with "The Entity" -Courtney
Wednesday at 9:17pm · Like

Mason Davidson Where should I look to see this movie, as far as movie theatre or store when it's released
Wednesday at 9:17pm via mobile · Like

Entity ‎Alex B B Johnson, I'm afraid that this question is best answered by the distributors of the film and the respective theater chains that they negotiate with. - Will.
Wednesday at 9:17pm · Like

Entity ‎Mason From what I understand, it will be everywhere. - Will.
Wednesday at 9:18pm · Like

Marcus Heilborn who will be starring in the film or do you not know yet
Wednesday at 9:18pm · Like

Carlos Iván Espejel Sorry, but have to ask... Can i buy it on shops?
Wednesday at 9:19pm · Like

Entity ‎Marcus Heilborn [ame="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2293218/"]Entity (2013) - IMDb@@AMEPARAM@@http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTA3NjA4Nzc0OTZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDQ3ODcyMjg@._V1._SX91_SY140_.jpg@@AMEPARAM@@BMTA3NjA4Nzc0OTZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDQ3ODcyMjg@@@AMEPARAM@@SX91@@AMEPARAM@@SY140[/ame]

Entity (2013)
Directed by Christopher Jadallah, Jeremy Jadallah. With Jerod Perez, Jonathan An...
See More
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Entity Alright guys, thanks so much for your time, we're going to relinquish the page back to the moderators! Have a good one and thanks for your support and all of your great questions!
Wednesday at 9:20pm · Like · 2

Ben Garrett in the credits will you be having it say "Slenderman played by himself"
Wednesday at 9:21pm · Like · 1

Marcus Heilborn Thank you
Wednesday at 9:21pm · Like · 1

Matt Clark Can you please open in albuquerque NM? haha
Wednesday at 9:23pm · Like

Jon Hanrahan Aproxamantly how tall is slendy In this movie?
Wednesday at 9:25pm via mobile · Like

Luke Tim-man Brooks What inspired you to make this movie?
Wednesday at 10:11pm via mobile · Like

Spencer Hawkins I'm so excited about this thread.
This was an awesome forum.
Wednesday at 11:00pm · Like · 2

Lachlan Davis are you releasing the movie in Australia?
Yesterday at 2:40am · Like

Entity ‎Lachlan, while the producers are not currently taking any more questions, we can answer this one:

We have a big spot in our hearts for our Australian fanbase and we realize that there is a considerable following for the film out there. Once word from the distributor and other engaged parties pass the word down, we'll let you know what's going on with international distribution in your area!
Yesterday at 2:42am · Like · 1

Spencer Hawkins Is there a particular rating that you guys are aiming for?

Like PG-13 or R?
Yesterday at 2:47am · Like

Entity ‎Spencer No official word on that as of yet, stay tuned.
Yesterday at 2:48am · Like · 1

Lachlan Davis thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 2:49am · Like

Entity ‎Lachlan No, thank you!
Yesterday at 2:50am · Like


also a couple of images


Thank god they are going to go back and straighten his look in after effects



It's Judgement Time!
That looks like an indie film or amateur film. Not a big budget mainstream release. So it will be rife with stiff film shots and wooden acting from people who have never been critiqued.


Slenderman kinda reminds me of The Silence in Doctor Who.


Yeah the Silence were FREAKIN' CREEPY!

In the 'bad guys in nice suits' department you also got The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbnIH3zHT7M"]Buffy Hush WB Promo - YouTube[/ame]


boogie woogie feng shui
I think something about that archetype points to a deep-rooted fear of corporate beaurocratic conformity in our collective subconscious.

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