Engine Sentai Go-Onger Mecha Review & Pics


Go-Onger has suffered some of the same complaints as Transformers: Animated- that the designs look "weird" or "kiddy." Strong words coming from the Super Sentai crowd...

The Mecha for Go-Onger are called Engines; they are sentient machine-animal hybrid creatures. They can't survive on their own in the human world, so they shrink down into toy-sized duplicates and transfer their energy into small cartridges called "Engine Souls." The Souls allow new powers & weapons in the series, and unlock special sound effects in the toyline (they're kinda like big Force Chips). Which essentially means that-just like Transformers: Armada & every Yu-Gi-Oh! series- we now have a Super Sentai franchise where the characters themselves are obsessed with merchandise.

These are the first Engines: Speedor (the red Condor/racer hybrid), Buson (blue Lion/bus) and BearrV (yellow bear/4WD). Pretty decent machines. Speedor has a "flight-mode" of sorts for added play value.

The Giant King of Engines appears!

Engine-Oh is a pretty decent combination. Unfortunately he maintains the "3-member problem" because Yellow is just sandwiched in without serving any real purpose. Lots of people don't like the multiple eyes on this guy, I don't really have a problem with it though. Comes with typical sword & shield, arms have decent movement but not much else. The show offers a reason for it: even when combined, the Engines can still talk to each other (and their respective partners).

The Go-Ongers are quickly joined by 2 new members, rounding out the roster. And like clockwork, new Engines appear!

New members are Gunperd (police car & German shepherd) & Birca (motorcycle/orca) for the new Go-Ongers. Shortly after them is Carrygator (semi-truck/alligator), a member of the Engine's "Gian" clan (which means he doesn't need a human partner of his own, but stays with the Go-Ongers because he admires them).

Gunperd & Birca both form additional weapons for Engine-Oh.

Or they can unite with Carrygator to form another new Mecha, Gunbir-Oh!

The new guy's not nearly as articulate or as impressive as Engine-Oh.

And as another option, the complete team can unite to form-

Engine-Oh G6! An inarticulate shelf piece.

Later on, two more Go-Ongers show up, with their own respective Engines:

Toripter (rooster & helicopter), Jetras (jet/tiger) and the massive Jum-bowhale (whale & jumbo jet). These Engines are members of the "Wings" clan, which is why they're based on flying machines. They can also combine:

Seiku-Oh, simultaneously the largest and thinnest of the 3-piece combiners here. Armed with a bow weapon in the series, which doesn't translate well into the toyline.

The Wings can also lend their powers to Engine-Oh-

Or, they can all link up together for Engine-Oh G9!

Its huge but almost perfectly immobile.

Recently, three other Engines were located- these "Ancient Engines" were found to have lived on Earth long before any of the others got there.

Kishamoth (steam engine/mammoth), T-Line (Tyrannosaurus & bullet train), and K-Line (triceratops/bullet train).

True to their locomotive nature, they can all link up in vehicle form. Then they unite!

Kyoretsu-Oh, a bulky combination that finishes off enemies with steam-powered karate chops.

And these final 3 are able to join their powers with the group, and create-

ENGINE-OH G12!!! It is impossible to describe this combination without using the word "cluster."

Just to give a sense of how massive G12 is...

While G12 may be a bulky (if not hideous) union, the actual fact that they are now able to join 12 pieces together is an impressive and memorable feat.

In all, I like the Go-Onger line (aside from the stupid Engine-Soul gimmick) and I'm very satisfied with the Engines.


Continuing the Creddie legacy
I like your review. 5/5!

But still...

you haven't covered Engine DaiShogun and Go-Roader GT.

also do a comparison of EngineOh G9 vs Ultimate Daibouken.


Forgive the bumped thread. Realized I forgot a little something here...

Go-Roader GT!!!

Developed as a side-project by Go-On Gold, the Go-Roader is an auxiliary Mecha used in emergency situations. After a couple bad tries, it became a valuable addition to the Go-Onger's arsenal.

This is the second wheel-based Mecha, after Tackle Boy from OhRanger (known to American audienes as "Warrior Wheel.") Not much I can really say about its primary configuration- it's just a wheel. Comes with a red launching mount, but that's about it.

Go-Roader GT's ROBO configuration is a pretty solid design. While the Engine-Oh related combos rely on sheer power and virtually unlimited weapon attacks, GT is a swift & speedy machine. Most of its agility translates quite well into toy form- its surprisingly articulate. Definitely a tremendous improvement over Tackle Boy, although that wouldn't exactly be hard....

The chest compartment houses Go-Roader's Tokon Soul, still keeping in theme with the rest of the line.

So, for those of you who like keeping up to date on Sentai Mechs but don't enjoy the cartoony-animal look of the other Engines, Go-Roader GT's a pretty good pickup. Its fun and innovative and not too expensive either.


Superb review.

My son has just got addicted to Go-Onger but he does not know that the toys exist yet. Till now he was into Tomika Heroes.

What is the closest thing to Go-Onger (other than Tomitak Heroes) in that there is mecha that combines? Or do most super sentai series have combing mecha, or perhaps that is the definition of the combining mecha.

Almost all Sentai shows have combining mecha. If you want a cheaper version of G12, instead of paying $400-$500, you can pay $100 for the American Version from Power Rangers RPM.


Almost all Sentai shows have combining mecha. If you want a cheaper version of G12, instead of paying $400-$500, you can pay $100 for the American Version from Power Rangers RPM.
That of course is assuming you can actually FIND all components for the American version of G12.
That of course is assuming you can actually FIND all components for the American version of G12.
Somehow, I was able to do it, but it did take a while. Here's where I found them and what I paid

High Octane--Walmart in December 2008 for $25
Valvemax--Disney Store in June 2009 for $40
Mach--Amazon in November 2009 for $25
Paleomax--Kmart in October 2009 for $27

It was worth it



Brief comparison: Amercian VS Japanese.

The American one is recognized by the molded-close fists on Red's Zord.