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Uncork’d is bringing a new Western to digital and disc this Thanksgiving. Eminence Hill was announced by the distributor last month, and was released today after a brief select theatrical run.
A ruthless gang of outlaws decides to rob a small homestead, shoot the folks living there, and kidnap their daughter. Karma is about to catch up with these guys, though. Local law enforcement is hot on their trail, and they need a place to lie low. They end up picking the isolated community of Eminence Hill, a “peaceful” town they figure won’t suspect a thing. They don’t realize its residents are actually the members of a cult….and justice is about to be served, in a strange way.
Eminence Hill stars Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Quick & The Dead), Barry Corbin (“Lonesome Dove”, No Country for Old Men), Dominique Swain (Face/Off, Alpha Dog), Clint James (The Magnificent Seven), Anna Harr (Bethany), Owen Conway (The Covenant), Maria Olsen (I Spit On Your Grave : Deja Vu), Augie Duke (Blood...
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