Elizabeth Banks Wants To Make A New Flintstones Cartoon


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If She wants people to love it, She should hire Lauren Faust as writer, No one hated a single reboot Miss Faust did.


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I'm excited to learn about Elizabeth Banks' new project, "Bedrock," a cartoon set in the Flintstones universe. Banks has already demonstrated her wild and creative mind as an actor transitioning to behind the camera with previous projects like "Cocaine Bear," and I am excited to see how she will reimagine the beloved characters and world of the Flintstones, particularly with a new spin that centers on Pebbles as a twentysomething navigating the Bronze Age.


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I'm not sure about Elizabeth Banks' new cartoon called "Bedrock" set in the Flintstones world. The original show was loved for its mix of Stone Age humor and modern themes, and I'm worried that the introduction of the Bronze Age might take away from what made the show special. I'm also unsure if Banks has the experience to bring fresh ideas to the Flintstones universe.

The idea of exploring the Stone Age from a Bronze Age perspective is interesting, but I'm concerned that it might not work well. If the show lacks a clear vision, it could be unfocused and disjointed. I'm also worried that making Pebbles the central character as a twentysomething might not connect with viewers who grew up watching the original series. Look how terrible and unwatchable Velma is. If she wants this series to have understand, she needs to hire Lauren Faust as a writer because her reboots are well loved.


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Yabba Dabba Doo!I've been a longtime fan of the Flintstones, so I'm excited to hear about Elizabeth Banks' new film, "Bedrock," even though I can appreciate the objections to modernizing established properties. With projects like "Cocaine Bear," Banks has already demonstrated her creativity, and I'm interested to see what she can add to the Flintstones universe. Looking forward to seeing how the show will approach the intriguing idea of examining the Stone Age through the lens of the Bronze Age.

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