Editorial: 5 More 90s Things I Like

Jan 7, 2014
A short while back, I wrote an article entitled 15 90s Things I Like, an article where I listed my most favorite pop culture from my least favorite decade. There were actually a few 90s items I left out, though, so I wanted to do a follow-up listing 5 more 90s things I like. It’s a mixture of movies and music, and I didn’t want to let these projects go unacknowledged. Let’s jump right in.
To start off with, the first 90s thing I like is the Martin Scorcese crime drama Casino, which celebrates its’ 25th anniversary this year.
For most people, Goodfellas is viewed as the best of Scorcese’s 90s movies, the project that reaffirmed his status as one of America’s greatest filmmakers. I saw Casino first, though, and that was the crime movie that made its’ place in my heart. I’m not knocking Goodfellas. It’s a wonderful movie. There’s just something...

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