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As I’ve written about for various websites throughout my life, my favorite decade for pop culture is the 1980s. Whether in interviews or opinion pieces, the 80s is a recurring topic of mine for how they helped me through the dark times and led to the light of a better day. A question I rarely ask myself, though, is this: Is there anything from the 80s that I dislike? Is there anything from my favorite decade for pop culture that causes me to recoil in annoyance or disgust? Believe it or not, there is. While I greatly prefer the 80s to the 90s, here are five things from the 80s that I dislike, things that even I, a hardcore 80s pop culture fan, will not defend.
I’ll start off my list with Bill Cosby.

I used to be a Bill Cosby fan. As late as 2014, when I first started writing for Pop Geeks, I talked about how the concept of the father...
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