As I’ve written about for various websites throughout my life, my favorite decade for pop culture is the 1980s. Whether in interviews or opinion pieces, the 80s is a recurring topic of mine for how they helped me through the dark times and led to the light of a better day. A question I rarely ask myself, though, is this: Is there anything from the 80s that I dislike? Is there anything from my favorite decade for pop culture that causes me to recoil in annoyance or disgust? Believe it or not, there is. While I greatly prefer the 80s to the 90s, here are five things from the 80s that I dislike, things that even I, a hardcore 80s pop culture fan, will not defend.
I’ll start off my list with Bill Cosby.

I used to be a Bill Cosby fan. As late as 2014, when I first started writing for Pop Geeks, I talked about how the concept of the father...

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Remember how high their expectation of the future is, AKA year 2000 up to 2015 as depicted on 80s Sci-fi


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Bill Cosby took advantage of the trust people had to his character from the Cosby Show. He plays a wholesome father who is like America's favorite dad on TV. People tend to forget to separate character from the portrayer. That made it easy for him to be a predator. To be fair with the Ghostbusters, most people in their Universe don't believe them because Internet and Social media are not yet invented. No one with phone cameras can record a footage of their heroism.


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To be fair with Roseanne, The dads and husbands in 50s and 60s movies and show are much more worst. The movie Mcclintock have men doing domestic assault on women as comedy. Both are products of their time.