Editorial: 15 90s Things I like

Jan 7, 2014
A look back at most of my articles for Pop Geeks, as well as my previous writing base of RetroJunk, will show you that I’m not really a 90s fan. I’ve often discussed all the pain and turmoil that I went through in the 90s, everything from my dad’s death in 1995 to extensive school bullying to time spent in a mental hospital to the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome to multiple school transfers, and how I retreated into the pop culture of the 80s as both a form of escape and a coping mechanism for my troubles back then. There was some 90s pop culture that I liked, though, and so I wanted to do something a little different with my newest editorial.
I want to look back on 15 things from the 90s I can honestly say that I liked. While my greatest pop cultural love will always be the 80s, I won’t cringe or recoil in pain when I come across these entertainments in the modern day. It’s a mixture of movies, TV shows and music, all of which I can say I gladly enjoy. Think of it as a list of my...

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