Eden, A post apocalyptic Netflix anime from the makers of FMA Brotherhood

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Jan 14, 2018
Eden is an Upcoming Netflix Original Anime.  This Anime is 100% CGI but it maintains the Aesthetic of a hand drawn anime.
The earth had been barren with human life. A Baby Girl named Sara Grace awoke from her status. Humanity had been long gone because of some unknown event. For a long time, Robots believed humans are nothing but a Myth that never existed. She can have a happy childhood despite being the last human on earth. It is because of E92 and A37 who are the robots who became her adoptive parents. The three of them will embark on an adventure to find out Sara’s origin and if the human race got extinct. Sara’s origin is a mystery  because humans are supposed to be extinct. Sara spent most of her life in a City known as eden. A place where she is the last human on Earth.
After watching this trailer, So many questions sparked in my brain. Are they going to find humans? Why the humans got extinct?  Are the robots going to treat Sara differently? This series had been in...

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