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2 Years have passed since the Warriors of the Celestial Ancients used their powers of Wind, Water and Earth to defeat the treacherous trio of King Drago, Flare and Surge. Theirs powers were laid to rest as the dreaded evil of the Lorentian Abyss, Nechron arose called forth from the Netherland alongside his ship ‘Nocturne’. Warriors formed by Shinto Akazamie of “The Demon†had put Nechron to rest…finally.

That was over a year ago, but all had not ended. A wise Jacob Calloway, the young red ranger of the non-functional Celestial Ancients Team had set up shop as a ‘Special Crimes’ Investigator, looking for things out of the ordinary, his Instincts had borne fruit and the world slowly saw truth. A new evil had surfaced, one Jacob had surmised from rumors he heard in shady places on his nightly jaunts. Ghouls, Ghosts, Zombies, Hags, Werewolves, Vampires, Ogres, Trolls, and the list went on. This wasn’t something out of Children’s Story book gone wrong. This was something far more evil.

The evil finally showed face, a spirit representation of the deadly ‘Apocalypse’ had arisen. Armed with his four lieutenants, the Four Horsemen of Death, Plague, War and Famine, and army comprising of numerous dark creatures he chose to wield his powers against the people of earth, making it a complete wasteland, which would serve as fuel to his ever growing army. Jacob knew it was only a matter of time before ‘Apocalypse’ would ravish everything. The sole crystal of power the elder gave him when he left on his journey was now serving its purpose.

The Crystal of Xa’rus divided itself into 3 parts – Red, Blue, Yellow and set out to sought people worthy of bearing its powers. Jacob waited patiently for the crystals to return with warriors – Ecto Warriors, fierce and brave enough wield the power of the Xa’rus as Ecto Hunters to combat Apocalypse and save the earth.... once again.


Ecto Red: Open
The Red Hunter serves as the field commander of the Ecto Hunters, second-in-command as leader of the hunters below Jacob. Red’s main powers include Astral Projection and Minor Telekinetic Blasts, capable of injuring Ghosts, Ghouls, Witches and other Spirits

Ecto Blue: Open
The Blue Hunter serves as the Second Commander of the Ecto Hunters, taking over from the Red hunter when required. Blue’s main powers include, Strength-Shape Enhancement and Object Manipulation, capable of targeting Trolls, Ogres, Giants and other Strength specific dark creatures

Ecto Yellow: Open
The Yellow Hunter serves as the tactical advisor of the Ecto Hunters, The last on the line of command in the hunters, but the first in tactical planning and execution. Yellow’s main powers include, Energy Manipulation and Tactical Beast Analysis, capable of countering attacks of Werewolves, Vampires and other pseudo-human/pseudo-creature darkness.


Ecto Red: Spirit Cannon, Spirit Shield
Ecto Blue: Strength Mace, Strength Javelin
Ecto Yellow: Energy daggers, Energy Gauntlets

Standard Weapons:
Satelite Morpher- http://henshinhead.files.wordpress.c...pg?w=358&h=480
Scope Gun and Bio-Blade- http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-iXy9hEuaPP...ter-weapon.jpg


Red Cheetah
Blue Gorilla
Yellow Rabbit


Jacob Calloway- Former Red Ancient Ranger


Apocalypse: He is a spirit form of the ‘Apocalypse’, a wave rumored to slowly torture and kill everything in its path eventually. He will be shown to have a human form later on when he absorbs the life force of humans.

Black Horseman: First Lieutenant of Apocalypse, who wields the power of Death. His techniques include Touch of death, those who come in his way experience death instantly. He remains a lieutenant of command and rarely ventures out into battle, thus serving as the leader in Apocalypse’s absence.

Red Horseman: Second Lieutenant of Apocalypse, who wield the power of War. Her Techniques include waging war on humans by utilizing creatures of battle. She is the first field Lieutenant, the high-in-command on the battlefield. She commands over creatures such as Trolls, Witches, Ogres, Giants and other creatures including minions.

White Horseman: Third Lieutenant of Apocalypse, who wields the power of Conquest. His techniques include torturing Humans and taking pleasure in their slow demise. He commands over the creatures of thirst, such as Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires.

Green Horseman: Fourth Lieutenant of Apocalypse, who wields the power of plague. His techniques include weakening through internal conflict, infecting humans with diseases that kill them from inside. He commands of dark insects and diseases.

Zombies: Zombies serve as the main foot soldiers of Apocalypse’s army. They are not aware of their surroundings and know only one thing – destruction of whatever is in front of them. They sense humans via their heat signature and attack to kill. Some zombies are capable of weapon combat and carry various types of weapons. The only way to kill them is to behead them. But since they are enforced by the powers of Apocalypse, they need Swords/Lasers of immense power to behead them. They are capable of infecting humans with their ‘Zombine’ to turn others into Zombies when they want to. Hence Apocalypse’s Zombies have enough techniques to compensate for their loss in numbers.

Bio Template:



Age: (21-25, preferably a non-student to ensure a sort of full-time work for Ecto Hunters)

Personality: (Not more than 2 paragraphs)


History: (Not more than 3 paragraphs, should contain some explanations for why he/she fits the profile for the respective colored hunters. Prior training in any of the weapons specified for the hunters is appreciable)

Other notes:

1. No Godmodding
2. The Fallen Angel, sets all rules. Those who don’t wish to follow him will be set before the Horseman of Death.
3. Post alteast 3 times a week if not more. If you can’t post for a particular reason, let The Fallen Angel know and he will acknowledge it.
4. Disappear for days without intimating anyone about your absence and find yourself out of the RPG
5. Enjoy the game…its only a game….so don’t get carried away with it.

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