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This is more of a general question instead of specific books, but I'm interested. What do you guys rather prefer; eBooks, or the hard cover copy? Why?

Overall, I would prefer eBooks. They are usually more convenient, and easier to carry around. When I read books, I will mostly read them when I'm in bed. Because of how my bed is placed, I would have to physically get up and turn off the light as opposed to having a desk right next to me with a light source. If I had the physical copy, it would simply take too much work for me to get out of my bed because I finished reading a book. With eBooks, you can simply put away your mobile device under your pillow. Simple as that. I know some people prefer physical copies because of the interaction with the book, and how you can feel it, but most of the time, it's a hassle to carry around.


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It depends... I love physical books because I don't need to use a special device to have access to the info inside my book. Specially my ''self teaching'' books - I really like to learn languages on my own :) In that case I think it's much better to keep a physical book around. Because you can write on them, make notes and highlight important parts. I prefer my non fiction books to be physical copies I can keep nearby :)

The only books I like to have as e-book copies are the non fiction ones, since I don't need to highlight important parts or write notes on the pages :) I just read that kind of books for fun; in that cases I think the e-book format is more than perfect.


I like both, but deep down I probably prefer paper books. There is just something about them -- the feel, the smell, the excitement of opening a new book. I carry paper books everywhere and read them all the time. And libraries are full of paper books. I do have the Kindle app on my Mac, and I've downloaded books, read them and enjoyed them. I have the feeling that if I ever found an ebook that I really loved, that I would want the paper copy.


When I'm at home, I prefer reading printed books. Nothing beats the feel of actually flipping through the pages when reading a novel in a rainy day. But when I'm traveling, I prefer reading ebooks on my phone.

dylan thor

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I do not know if it's just me but there is something spiritual whenever I open a book for the very first time. Maybe it's the nostalgic smell of a newly purchased book and how it fills my soul. Maybe it's the texture of the paper and how it satisfies my urge to feel something. I can't quite put my finger on it but it makes reading experience all the more unique. And besides, I do not have any tablet but if in case I'll have one, I wouldn't have it any other way still.


Ebooks are quicker to get, but I like the real thing. If you were a geeky bookworm in school like me, you'll probably never grow out of it. I can even multitask and read a real book while I'm watching TV!


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I prefer the hard copies because I collect books. I like adding books to my shelf. Although I see the practicality of purchasing eBooks, it will be something that I will do only when I run out of space. One thing I like about eBooks though is that they can be read even in the dark.


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I have enjoyed reading since I was a young child and got my first Roy Rogers comic book, and I have been a reader ever since.
I really love the feel of a book, and did not really expect to enjoy reading with my iPad, however, I do..... I really do !
It is surprisingly simple, and I don't need a lot of space to store the books, they just live "in the cloud", and are there when I want them.
I still enjoy reading a real book, and when it is an information book that I want to be able to look up something again later, it is still easier for me to flip pages than it is to find it in an ebook.
I think there are good points for both, and now, I would not want to limit myself to only having one or the other.
I think most people who grew up reading physical books (which is most people on the planet, as of now) prefer reading physical books. Sometimes, I'll feel a twinge of guilt for consuming a product that kills trees, but I still like them. I wonder what the consensus will be in 30-40 years, when more children will be growing up with e-books instead of paper books.


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I prefer paper books, because it's more satisfying to read 100 pages and physically see how much I've read. It's a little easier on my eyes too, and being able to make notes on the pages is great for my classes.

Ebooks are easier to get though, and cheaper. I'm on a budget, so I'll take what I can get, unfortunately. Bringing a Kindle around is also easier than carrying a bag full of books, and makes reading for pleasure more convenient, so I'm more likely to actually do it, ahah. I guess they save paper too, so there's that.


I always read in paper, so I'd say paper books. Reading on the computer or other device ruins my eyes and I don't find it practical because I only have a laptop. I do like free e-books, those are my favorites, but when I get my hand in one I print it. :D


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Well, I prefer both. There are books very close to my heart that I would want to see them in physical form. But, on the general, I prefer to have ebooks. They are very handy and convenient. They don't need that much space also.

Ralph Wiggum

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For me it depends on the type of book I'm reading. Quiky fiction? Ebook all the way. Denser fiction is a regular book more because I occasionally refer back to things and hate flipping through a digital copy. Non-fiction is book form if it has maps and e-book if it doesn't.


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I think I prefer my e-books. I am usually reading at night and I can't turn on a light and wake up my husband. I also like the fact that I can carry lots of books on one device.


Definitely physical copies! Much rather pick up a book than read off a screen. I know they're meant to be realistic, but I use a computer most of the day with what I do and i'd pick up a book to get away from that.


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I will always buy physical books. They might be paperbacks, but I believe in having a home library, and owning the physical copies so that I'm not stuck having to re-purchase a book lost to an unfortunate computer, tablet, or e-reader accident.

We handle our music the same way. We buy the CD's. then copy them for mobile use. I have a feeling that more than a few people will find themselves spending more money on digital entertainment than they need to, all because they follow digital fads.
I prefer physical copies anytime because I like the smell of the book. It is easier for me to keep track of how many pages I read on paper books. I like collecting hardcover books, which means if I really like the books, I would buy the hard copies. E-Books don't have the same feeling for me.


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Well, even though I like technology and innovation, I'm some kind of old minded person about that matter. I still prefer a physical version of books. Reading an e-book doesn't feel the same to me. Not only that, it also gets me tired alot faster and makes my eyes "burn" earlier than a physical copy.


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At first, I was very hesitant with ebooks. I thought they took away the essence of the whole reading experience. Down the line, though, I found them convenient especially with hardly no free time. I didn't go to bookstores as often as I did, and I can read a few pages whenever I have time at work or wherever.


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I haven't had the chance yet to try out ebooks. But they do seem extremely convenient with the above reasons listed. Although, I think I would still prefer physical copies of books. I have a book light, and staring at a screen for so long would cause my eyes to burn and hurt, as Ricardo187 said. (I get the burning and hurting enough from staring at my phone screen during the night.. lol!)

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