[eBay]Kamen Rider Decade Belt + RideBooker + K-Touch


Thanks for the interest, everyone. Only a few more hours left. Good luck! :)


Are these NIB?

No. Refer to description in auction.

What is the condition of the cards?

They are as close to perfect condition as they can be. They're going to arrive inside the RideBooker.

Can I buy one/two of the three items?

Sorry but this is an attempt to sell all the Kamen Rider Decade props at once.

Can you ship this to -non US location-?

The furthest I'm willing to send (outside) is Canada. Otherwise, it becomes a hassle for me.

I won't be paid until Friday. Is it alright if I send you the pay then?

I'll wait for everyone's payment until, latest, Saturday.

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