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EarthBound turns 25 years old this summer. Overlooked on its initial release in 1995, the quirky RPG soon gained a following that increased exponentially year after year. It now boasts fans in the millions and may be THE most popular “cult classic” game of all time. We’re still waiting for the needle to move on Mother 3, however.
We may never get an official release for Mother 3 but we CAN have this swell tribute album to all things EarthBound, “Fuzzy Pickles.” Created by the GameLark music label, it includes nine unique arrangements of the most well-known tracks in the series, covered in a variety of genres (the Twoson theme is rendered in jazz, while the Fourside theme is done in a metal style).

01. Bein’ Friends (Mother)
02. Twoson (EarthBound)
03. Gentle Rain (Mother 3)
04. Mother Earth (Mother)
05. Pollyanna (Mother)
06. Fate (Mother 3)
07. You Call This a Utopia? (Mother 3)
08. Fourside (EarthBound)
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