E3 - Zelda on Wii U for 2015 Release

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E3 - Zelda on Wii U for 2015 Release

At Nintendo's digital E3 event today they confirmed what gamers worldwide have been pining for - an open world Zelda on Wii U for 2015 release! There was a short 2 minute video during the event showcasing the game and it looks gorgeous - if that is indeed how the final Zelda game will look like upon release then this could be an absolutely huge release for the Wii U, possibly even the game to turn its fortunes around.

In the video, seen below, certain particular features and...
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Well... there goes not spending on getting a Wii U. Damn those graphics look stunning. I hope they'd use the same graphics as Twilight Princess but I'll settle for this one too. I was a bit disappointed with Skyward Sword's graphics but this game looks great. I'm pretty excited about it, especially with the capabilities of Wii U and who doesn't like open world environments xD


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I am so glad I bought a Wii U because this system is finally starting to live! I can't wait to play this Zelda game, the graphics kind of looks like from Skyward Sword and Wind Waker, besides it has an open world! Just imagine it, it's like mixing Skyrim with Zelda, it will be awesome for sure.